Dress Code

On any given winter day, I can be found in a pair of well-worn jeans, beaten up old leather boots and a vintage jacket of some description. Occasionally I alternate scarves, but only because I like living on the edge.

So when spring rocks around, it's time for a new sensibility. New clothes, new attitude.

There's plenty of inspiration to be found, both on the catwalk and off.

Etsy is usually my first port of call, an invaluable treasure trove of uniquely beautiful designs of all shapes and sizes. The following dresses are no exception - the creation of the incredibly talented Makool, the two featured designs are both delicate and individual.

Back on the catwalks, the entire Spring 09 Collection from Lorick New York makes me contemplate filling my calendar with garden parties and high teas just so I can justify buying the whole line.

My infatuation with all things yellow has been reinvigorated once more, this time by the Sabrina Dehoff SS09 Collection.

And with a little help from Cacharel, I may even resort to floral prints for the first time since my 4th birthday.

And one final piece that I definitely won't be wearing this spring (or any time soon for that matter), but that I absolutely adore nonetheless, is this beautiful gown from the genius of Oscar de la Renta.

If it were legal to marry an item of clothing, I'd be well and truly engaged.


Dallas Shaw said...

love the photos on the top

Ms Unreliable said...

They're lovely aren't they - some very talented folk on Etsy!
Thanks for dropping by! :)