Bump in the Night

For some unknown reason, it appears that I am once again completely nocturnal. It's a hard habit to break, especially with a wayward body clock, so for now I'm just going to embrace my night owl status.

I don't know why I torture myself, but I'm subscribed to the Urban Outfitters mailing list even though it's not available to Australia. If it was, this fat owl lantern would be the first thing on my hit list. His little beak almost looks like a little smile, awww!

Etsy is a little more Southern-Hemisphere-Friendly nowadays though, geographically speaking (don't even mention the Australian dollar), so I'm absolutely lusting over this vintage ceramic owl planter. I even have the perfect little strawberry plant that needs to be repotted. Curse you $AU!

There also happens to be an empty spot on my fridge just waiting to be filled by a jumbo owl magnet (on the left). And there's always room for an adorable little owl brooch.

And let's be honest, despite my best efforts to jazz up my rent-a-box apartment, my walls are still painfully white. Maybe a set of owl prints is just what my walls need! I love this cute little owl illustration (left), and the textures and colours in this owl collage print are gorgeous too!

All night owls need a partner in crime, but perhaps I need two! Lily the Sweet Owl (left) is yet another gorgeous creation from Skunkboy Creatures (more here), and Chester the Owl looks way too cute to ignore! I can totally see myself sitting down with these two fellow night owls, sipping tea and discussing the latest blog trends. Or something. I don't think this nocturnal thing is doing good things for my brain.

Speaking of all things bird-related (albeit loosely), are you on Twitter yet? I am, and it's really growing on me! I'll be honest, I didn't see the point at first, but now I realise it's a great way to keep in touch and up to date with friends, colleagues, fellow bloggers and night owls alike! So join in the fun, and follow me while you're at it. If you thought my ramblings on here were random, just you wait :D


Claire said...

Super cute finds! Lovely!

Susanna-Cole King said...

I heart owls, and oh my goodness those last two little stuffed owls are the cutest ever!

And thanks for your lovely comment, your bike ride sounded so beautiful! I'd do the same, but it's like an ice skating rink outside, and I'd just go numb and slip on ice if I went outside. :P


please sir said...

The first light owl is ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

Another owl fan!! Check out my owl collection (in the newest few posts in my blog).. owls are my LIFE. Nice blog, btw!