In Her Stride - Coco Rocha has the Last Laugh @ NYFW

I've been a little slack in the fashion department lately, so I set aside today for a very overdue Friday Fashionistas segment. I was planning to share a bit of the Michael Kors neon revival, but then I came across this post from none other than Coco Rocha...

As I'm walking down the runway for the amazing Zac Posen, I heard someone yell out something, which was clearly meant for me. I could not hear what he had said, but the crowd was laughing so I'm thinking the only thing I can do is join in and laugh as well. That only made the crowd laugh even louder. I became nervous I thought to myself "what if my dress is falling off??" but I thought it smart to keep laughing the whole way back. Do you want to know what he said??

Coco promises to tell us soon, but I couldn't wait. I did a little snooping, and according to Fashionista, a lad up the back yelled...

"Now that's a woman!"

[Coco @ Zac Posen Fall 09 RTW via]

I'm not entirely sure if it was a bona fide compliment or an underhanded catty remark, but Coco's graceful reaction has either further confirmed the former, or emphatically raised her above the latter.

Now I don't want to point fingers, but I can think of any number of supermodels who would have taken off their pretty yellow stilettos (drool) and thrown them at the merest hint of sarcastic heckling, so Coco's cheeky smile and infectious laugh are all the more endearing.

Not to mention the fact that she's a minx. An enviably glamourous minx.

[Vogue Covers via]

And she actually smiles in editorials too! With BALLOONS! Eeeeeeeeee!

[Vogue US Editorial via]

Did I mention that she's a minx? I love this Chanel campaign.

[Coco for Chanel via]

So props to Coco for bringing a much needed smile to the catwalks and the crowds of New York Fashion Week. Because what better way to end the week than with a smile and a laugh (and did I mention the gorgeous yellow shoes?)

Happy weekend all! Is anyone doing anything exciting?


Dominique said...

Not sure about the clothes but she looks great anyway

Luckie said...

I have to agree Unreliable... it's nice to see a human with an honest reaction, strutting her stuff! Fab post!:-)


diamondsinchampagne said...

I am a nut. I posted my reply for the wrong post :P So I will start again...
She definatley is a minx, and I'm glad to see some models can smile on the catwalk and it isn't all too serious. Great post said...

she's one of my fav models. her smile is beautiful and a little cheeky.

Ms Unreliable said...

Dominique - Some of Zac's pieces were gorgeous, but Coco's outfit definitely wasn't one of the standouts, even if she can pull it off!

Luckie - She's so down to earth too, it's so hard to be jealous when she seems so damn nice!

diamondsinchampagne - Hehe I wish I knew enough html to put my commenty button thing at the end of my posts like 99% of other blogs, but alas, my little brain just isn't up to it! I agree though, it's SO nice to see a smiling model! I don't understand why the standard look is "I want to be anywhere but here". Probably has something to do with the crazy high heels. :D - I agree, she's talented, eloquent, and she doesn't take herself too seriously. What a woman!