Happy Monday...In The Dark

As these are the final few days before Earth Hour (Saturday 28 March, 8.30pm your local time), I've decided to try a little theme this week. Nothing groundbreaking mind you, I just thought it might be nice to continue along the theme of "In The Dark". Strictly PG rated of course.

To get things underway, let's start this week with a mesmerising short film that I just can't stop thinking about. Scintillation is directed by French lad Xavier Chassaing, and has been created from over 35,000 still images, plus a mind blowing combination of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques. If all that sounds a bit too technical for a Monday morning, put your headphones in, crank up your volume and sit back for 3 minutes of sumptuous eye candy.

Oh! Does it get any better than exploding flowers, flaming ceiling mouldings and neon stockings?

I don't think so! Even the stills are exquisite. How I would love these on my walls! How I would love a pair of neon stockings (the shoes are cute too!)

Here's hoping this starts off your week as inspired as it has mine! Happy Monday lovelies!

xx Kit


Dominique said...

So pretty!

nollyposh said...

Oh wOw! ...Just popped in via you being selected "a blog of note"... Lovely bloggy X:-)

Anonymous said...

That video was so cool. Thanks for posting it.

Clone.Girl. said...

I think that whole stuff for our Earth thing is great, but I dislike 3 things about it.

(I would like to aplogize now incase I hurt anyone's feelings, but I'm stating my opinions and I'm trying to do them in a manner everyone will find least offensive.)

1) Doesn't it mess up power grids? Wouldn't it cause like some surge of energy after the hour is over (because people are turning their lights back on) and mess some stuff up. The machines might have been made to handle that kind of mass "outtage". (a.k.a I could be wrong)

2)The whole Earth day (I realize this isn't Earth day you're talking about but they are somewhat similar) concept is kind of like Christmas/New Years food to me. Allow me to elaborate, for 1 day out of the Year people are all "Earth, Earth, Earth!" Why don't you just do a little bit year round for the Earth instead of just 1 day out of the year. That is like Christmas to New Years. People are so concerned about what they eat over the December/January Hoildays, when really they should have a healthy diet year round and they wouldn't have to worry about it.

3) I really do not want to hear anyone talk about global warming or whatever unless they are a vegetarian. The reason why is because meat pollutes. It wastes food, water and gasoline. A steak dinner for 4 people is the greenhouse gas emmissions equavilant of driving an SUV around for 3 hours while leaving all your lights on at home.

I still do think it is really great that someone is doing something. We can all try to help in our own ways. I'm very glad that Earth Hour is bringing people across the world together. That is what is really going to stop global warming. You should watch this video called the story of stuff (www.thestoryofstuff.com) it is all about how we are using too much stuff, and it has stick figure demostrations! Have fun saving the Earth.

Ms Unreliable said...

Dominique - Thanks Dominique, I think so too!

nollyposh - Why thank you! I'm in a different time zone of course so it took me a little longer to find out the good news! Thanks for stopping by :D

cmklin07 - My pleasure! I wasn't sure if it really fit in with what I usually post on here, but I literally couldn't stop thinking about it so I figured now was a good time to share it :)

Clone.Girl - You raise some very good points! I don't have all the answers, but here's what I know (or what I think I know!)

1. I'm told that the power surge theory is actually a myth, there doesn't seem to be any data backing up the theory that I can find, and I suspect the reason is that regardless of usage, electricity continues to be generated at a constant rate. So Earth Hour doesn't technically "save" any electricity, but it does send a very strong message to those in power that people do actually care about the environment, especially in tough economic times when the environment tends to slip to the bottom of the priority list.

2. It's not even a whole day, just an hour! Again, it's about spreading the message far and wide in the hope that if people start to think about their impact on the environment for just an hour, maybe, just maybe, they'll start to think about it year-round too. The fact that (hopefully) a billion people will participate in Earth Hour this year, only 3 years after it began, proves to me that the message is spreading and that people DO care, and they DO think about it year round too, otherwise, why would they even bother with an hour?

3. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this point. I've actually done a fair chunk of research into the impacts of the livestock industry, so I know how damaging it is to the environment. That said however, I don't think you can rule out non-vegetarians and silence them from voicing their opinion on the environment, especially when there are many ways in which we can all contribute. Even eating an extra one or two meat-less meals a week can make a huge difference, and there are plenty of other industries (food and otherwise) that are even more damaging to the environment than livestock, i.e. cash crops like charcoal, palm oil etc. We can all make a difference, even if we're not hardcore vegans. ;)

la cuisine bourgeois said...

These photographs are absolutely stunning...coolest photos I have seen in a while. thanks for sharing!

Ms Unreliable said...

un bel oiseau - If you get a chance you should view the film too, it's so beautiful to see the photos come alive!