Light Up the Night...In The Dark

Hello and welcome to Day 2 of my very first attempt at a theme week. I am of course quite aware of the irony that for my theme, "In The Dark", a theme dedicated to Earth Hour (i.e. turning off all non-essential lighting for an hour), I am in fact featuring...lights. Lots and lots of lights. Like all the adorable vintage lamps and desk lights in these stunning Rune Guneriussen photographs.

Images of the dark that don't feature light sources tend to be Not really great blog fodder. Besides, one would assume that all these lamps will be turned off for Earth Hour, of course. (I like to pretend they're still out there in the wilderness, don't crush my dreams!)

Anyone have any genius plans for this Saturday yet? At around say, 8.30pm? I'm thinking dinner by candlelight might be the go, possibly followed by a bit of Jenga and an epic round of Scrabble (Mr. Unreliable takes his board games VERY seriously!)


diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg what magical photos!
Saturday? I have no idea actually, think I will be stuck at home doing uni work.

Vanya Wilkinson said...

what a great find! gorgeous

Stacy said...

Too awesome. I love the first photo!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing images. I too take board games very, very seriously. So seriously that we often have game night - boys against girls - and so far, the girls are undefeated!

OverlandSi said...

Love these images. Especially love the three lamps on a lake - like there's a story to tell or something!

Anyhow - congrats on being nominated as a blog of note!

Overland Wannabe

Hena Tayeb said...

these are fabulous pic.. thanks for introducing us to this great photographer and her work

Bridgette-Bee said...

Those photographs are miraculous. Great find!

Unknown said...

Hey, congrats on being a Blog of Note!

Your site is amazing! Your pictures throughout are fantastic and wonderful.

A Soothsayer said...

Beautiful pictures and I too believe they are still out there lighting up the night! This weekend I'm actually away from Mr. Soothsayer and Baby Soothsayer *tear* But, I get to see my best friend who I haven't seen in quite awhile. May I suggest Balderdash as a game of choice?

HollyJade said...

This is utter genious i love it so much! you have no idea haw much inspiration you'v given me to go with my project!
ahhhhhhhhh happyness

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cool. Where were they taken? I so want to go. I believe you that they are still there. I won't crush your dreams.

Chelsea Ann said...

These are lovely pictures.
This theme actually reminds me of a video by some Japanese artists. Its called the 'Pika Pika Lighting Doodle Project' and it's by the Tochka Factory. Have a look for it on YouTube and see if you like it.

ALittleGuitar said...

were any extension chords harmed in the setting up of those lamps?

Anonymous said...

I love all of your pictures. They're so artistic and well done. I'm putting you on my link list. Everyone should see how beautiful these are. You're quite talented with a camera in your hands :)

N I C O L A said...

Oh me oh my - these are AMAZING
p.s. the blog of note brings people out of the woodwork (not dissimilar to the appearance of these little lamps, so congrats can go right back to you!

Ms Unreliable said...

diamondsinchampagne - Definitely have a break from uni work! Use Earth Hour to recharge with meditation or wine or the likes. Or both! :D

Vanya - Thank you dear, makes me want to go out to every second hand store in a 5km radius and buy every little vintage lamp I see! The strangest things set off my compulsive shopping desires :D

Stacy - I think that's my favourite too, it looks like all the little lamps are having so much fun! I can almost hear Shirley Temple singing in the background, a la the "Fun Anyone?" campaign by Playstation. But with lamps! :D

Rebecca - Yeah go girl power! I won't even play Scrabble with Mr. Unreliable because he literally takes 10 minutes for EACH WORD! If I wanted to bore my pants off, I'd play chess! (Not that I know how to play anyway!) :D

OverlandSi - Thank you so much! And I agree, you can almost imagine the lamps whispering to each other, conspiring to be back in their owners living rooms before any of us silly humans wakes up and notices their absence! Sneaky lamps!

henzy - My pleasure, I almost jumped out of my chair when I came across these photos so I'm glad you share my excitement too! :D

Bee - I agree, they're so magical aren't they? Have a look at Rune's gallery, there are so many more great photographs...I love the telephones!

Dominic - Thanks so much! It was definitely a big surprise to wake up and find my little inbox almost overflowing with emails! Thanks for stopping by, glad you like what you see :D

A Soothsayer - Good call on the Balderdash, that would definitely be a lot of fun! Hope you have fun this weekend even though you'll be away from loved ones! :)

HollyJade - Glad to be of service! I like to share what inspires me so I'm relieved to hear it inspires other people too! :D

cmklin07 - I wish I knew where they were taken, the places look so magical! Rune's gallery doesn't mention locations, but he's from Norway so that might narrow it down a little. Thank you for keeping my dream alive :D

Chealsea Ann - Oooh I LOVE Tochka Factory! I had a very similar kind of artist lined up for Friday, I love the idea of running around in the dark with torches and lights, it reminds me of my childhood excitement about Sparklers

ALittleGuitar - Haha sadly I suspect there would have been a few fatalities, power boards and extension cords included! We shall remember their sacrifice :D

AlexyRouse94 - Thank you Alexy, but I can't take credit for these gorgeous photos! They're actually the work of Rune Guneriussen - the link is in the post, you should check out the gallery for even more eye-candy! :)

Concrete Honey - Aren't they great, it almost makes me want to be a lamp. What? That makes no sense :D Thank you for the congrats, we can be Blog of Note buddies now :D

Poems Library said...

nice pics

Victoria said...

Wow, that looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing! :)

Ms Unreliable said...

Thank you all :) If you have a spare moment, check out the rest of Rune's gallery...vintage phones, sneaky's so much fun!