Thou Shalt Covet Thy Teacup

I. Want. This. Teacup.

And these ones.

And all these ones too.

I don't even care if* I can't actually drink tea out of them. I must have them.

Because just in case we didn't already love Claire Coles for her exquisite handmade wallpaper ranges (my personal favourite is the Garden Scene range, below) she's gone and HAND EMBROIDERED TEACUPS!

In her latest porcelain collection, Miss Coles is "exploring the loss of the British tradition 'afternoon tea'", and I suspect that if we all had such lovely tea sets there would most certainly be a revival, although not only of afternoon tea, but also morning tea and possibly even midnight tea too.

Either way, these tea sets have made my week. So I'm starting this fine morning with a tea in hand (albeit in a slightly less glamourous vessel) and wishing you all a Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? Me? I sat around and drank tea. Seriously. The highlight of my weekend was a trip to the Bourke Street Bakery for coffee and a chocolate croissant. I like to live on the edge.

* I'm not sure if the cups are watertight, but I still don't care.

[Via Craft Magazine]


Heather Leavers said...

hand embroidered teacups? How gloriously, utterly mad and truly delightful!

Mrs.French said...

wow...these are so beautiful....wonderful find!
xo t

Mallory said...

just..... the most creative use of a thread & needle ever. & perfect for me - i'd never be tempted to drink tea out of it, since i'm one of the only people i know who hates drinking it.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg how adorable !!! That is so creative.
I have been eyeing tea cups and saucers for a while, and these are on the top of my list

William Street Store said...

These are fabulous! I adore tea cups, but these ones are incredible.

Thank you darling for your lovely comment, you are so sweet !!
I'll keep you posted on our progress!
Enjoy your evening xxx

Emily said...

those tea cups are off the charts phenomenal. wow.

xo- Emily

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

wow these look absolutely amazing!

Esther Diehl said...



These are gorgeous! I was just having fanciful thoughts about tea cups. I absolutely love these.

Ms Unreliable said...

niftyknits - Absolutely! I can almost picture the Queen of England sitting around sipping tea out of these little guys. Actually, maybe the Queen Mother, she was a little more avant garde! :D

Mrs. French - Thank you so much for featuring them in your I Heart Monday post, Claire deserves all the recognition she's been getting, and your readers obviously have superb taste :)

Mallory - I would totally give up tea forever if I had these tea sets, so we could be tea-less together!

diamondsinchampagne - Me too, and the list is surprisingly long! I wonder if Claire could do a tea pot by commission...imagine how gorgeous that would be! :O

Belle - I know! I thought tea cups in general were destined to be awesome, but these ones definitely push it up a few notches. What's better than awesome?

Emily - Oh you just answered my question! Better than awesome = off the charts phenomenal. Perfect! Love your blog too, will definitely be keeping an eye on it (I'm another city girl who wishes she was country! :D)

Tina - I know! Is it too greedy to want the tea sets AND the wallpaper? :D

esther lee - What day would be complete without fanciful tea cup daydreams?! Glad I could deliver some fanciful tea cup reality :D