Finally, Friday!

Finally! I've seen the image below a zillion times on sites like Tumblr and weheartit, and every time there hasn't been an accurate reference in sight (people, please reference back to a static page at the very least!)
So it was with a big sigh of relief that I found more work from the artist in question, who I know now to be Kareem Iliya. I assumed that the image above was either a photograph or a digital piece, but I was wrong on both counts. Kareem crafts the most intricate watercolours my little eyes have ever seen! Here's but a few of my favourites from his gorgeous folio.

Dreamy and delicate and oh so pretty - what more could you ask for on a Friday afternoon?

Wait...Friday afternoon?! It's the weeeeekeeeeennndddd! *jig*

What do you all have planned for the weekend ahead? After the outrageously crazy week I've had, I think I'm going to make my way to a beach...and then stay there for a day or two!

P.S. Weekend Reads will be having a little rest too, but shall be back in force in March (i.e. next week - eek, how time flies!)

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The Art of Fashion

Do you ever have one of those slightly bitter days when you think you've seen it all and everything seems to blur into one homogenous blob? No? Just me? Ok then. (I do like saying 'homogenous blob' though - say it. Out loud. Oohhhhh yeahhhh!)

Anyway, I was having one of those days...until I came across the work of David Downton in my (still) neglected Reader.

David's work graced the cover of Vogue Australia's much lauded 50th Anniversary edition, but silly ol' me never quite got around to checking out the rest of his amazing portfolio. I changed that today, and I'm feeling much better for it, so thank you David, and thank you gracefultaylor for relieving me of my vastly unflattering GrumpyPants!

Missed It By That Much!

Oh hello! Given that I'm having a craaaaazy week and I'm far too disorganised to schedule my posts in advance, I'm going to be a little sneaky/lazy today and point you in the direction of my latest post over at 2Modern. Here's a not-so-subtle clue about what I'm sharing...

...So go forth, laugh at my caffeine-deprived post, and discuss!

Caster Sugar - Squeals on Wheels

I have a strange obsession with furniture on casters, so much so that when I saw this amazing roundup on desire to inspire, I literally clapped my hands together and squealed with glee.

I'm not particularly phased by the functionality of moveable furniture, though I do giggle at the thought of wheeling my bed around screaming 'Canyoneroooooo' a la The Simpsons.

But back to my point, it's not the ease of cleaning or any other such practical nonsense considerations (because let's be honest, domestic duties don't really sit near the top of my priorities list!)

Perhaps it's the hint of movement, and the promise of change that keeps me coming back to casters...even if they're embedded so deeply in the carpet that any such change would require the lifting strength of four men.

Or maybe it's the industrial/rural/institutional edge that casters can give to an otherwise unassuming item - something just a little bit out of place in a super-modern setting, but still somehow just right. A dash of subtle contrast to liven things up a little.

Or...maybe it's all of the above. Especially the bit about The Simpsons.

P.S. Tiny Ten Tuesdays will return next week, complete with a little surprise! Eeeeeek, so excited!

Weekend Dreaming

Monday is barely over and I'm already dreaming of the weekend. I've already got my bathers packed and my sunscreen ready to roll (seriously!) But in the meantime, these amazing images from Ports 1961's Fall 2009 campaign are keeping me inspired.

I'm not sure I could pull off many of those outfits in real life (especially that killer maxi dress which is bound to look silly on my vertically challenged frame) but in my daydreaming state, anything is possible!

Happy Monday!

xx Kit

P.S. My kitty is going on a little holiday to the vet tomorrow, so pretty please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and she comes home safe and sound (and maybe even a little less insane - unlikely!)

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Weekend Reads - Better Late Than Never!

Well this is the latest Weekend Reads ever, but with 52 minutes of my weekend still remaining, I'm going to make the most of it! I'm actually even further behind on my beloved blogs than usual, because I've been reading...wait for it...a book! A real paper and ink book*. I'm so analogue.

But nevertheless, I do have quite a few little starred items in my neglected Google Reader, so here's a few I think you might enjoy too!

Enjoy what's left of your weekend...I know I will!

xx Kit

*I read Jane Eyre in case you were wondering - I'm going through a classics phase. The next book I'm tackling is Wuthering Heights, but I'll admit, I'm struggling! Every time Joseph talks i' 'is 'tupid accen' I wan' t' strangl' 'omeone!

Happy Weekend!

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just blurs by, leaving you wondering where exactly certain days went? I had one of those, and I STILL have no idea what I did on Friday...or today for that matter.

In light of my ailing memory, I'm really digging the idea of keeping a journal - a real paper and ink journal, complete with little snippets of inspiration. I'm obviously not the only one lusting after a scrapbooking outlet, as Polka Dot Robot put these lovely images together as part of her Online Art Journal Class (which sadly seems to be all booked out - boo!)

I have a whole box full of half-empty art journals that I never quite got around to finishing, so I think this might just be a new project...and a new reason to update my cork inspiration boards (the ones that haven't changed a bit since I posted these photos in 2008 - oops!)

Perhaps I've been avoiding the land of scissors and glue after far too many nights spent making 'concept collages' at architecture school, but I think I've had enough of a break now that it might just be time to bring my crafty scissors out of retirement. I even have a little project to spur me into action (it's top secret for now, can't wait to show you!)

What do you think of the resurgence of journals, diaries and all things scrapbooky? Do you have the time and/or stamina to keep one going? I'm the Queen of Unfinished Projects, but maybe, just maybe, I'll keep one going through the year if I have a little help from you all!

In fact, I'm going to start one right now! I'll be back tomorrow with a few Weekend Reads, but in the meantime I wish you all a grand weekend!

xx Kit


Mid-Week Welcome!

I had a feeling that today was going to be a great day, and how right I was! A warm welcome to all new visitors who are stopping by via Blogger's Blog of Note! I'd love to meet you all, so once you've had a look around, please leave a comment and tell me a little about yourself!

Thank you again to the marvellous Blogger team, and of course to each and everyone one of my readers, old and new! When I started That Unreliable Girl just over a year ago, I never guessed what a warm, welcoming and inspiring community I was about to join. I'm so grateful for every visitor, every comment and every wonderful person who's supported me along the way. Here's to a fantastic 2010!

xx Kit

P.S. Unreliable Giveaways will be returning in a few weeks, so make sure you follow or subscribe if you want to be kept in the loop (and increase your chances of winning!)

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Birds of a Feather

I'm pretty sure perfection looks a little something like this.

This amazing wedding is the hard work of Duet Weddings, florist Camille Panzarello and photographer Corbin Gurkin, and I really hope this power-trio will continue to team up and bring us more inspiring loveliness. The bird cages, blooms, birds nests and berries - every single detail is just to die for! See the rest at Duet Weddings (search for 'Celebration of Spring!)


Wednesday Wisdom - Sit Still

We spend most of our time and energy
in a kind of horizontal thinking.

We move along the surface of things,
but there are times when we stop.

We sit still.

We lose ourselves in a pile of leaves
or its memory.

We listen,
and breezes from a whole other world
begin to whisper.

- James Carroll

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Tiny Ten Tuesday - Jessica Klingelfuss

Well hello and welcome to a shiny new Unreliable series, Tiny Ten. That's right, ten tiny questions for one hugely talented creative type. Photographers, artists, musicians, fashionistas and even fellow bloggers - it's all happening right here!

But enough of my babble, let's jump into the very first Tiny Ten with the immensely talented Sydney photographer, Jessica Klingelfuss.

I have no clue; I would say gray since my wardrobe is mostly comprised of that colour so I must be drawn to it! Surprising considering how much colour I inject in my photographs. I could more easily tell you though which colours I really dislike (keep me far away from pink and certain shades of yellow, bleh).

Polaroid SX-70.This is a difficult question as I am so torn between the two great camera loves of my life (the other being Hasselblad)! Even though I rarely show my Polaroids, I actually do shoot a pack off at most of my editorial shoots. One day I will gather them all up, have them carefully blown up and beautifully mounted, and show them in an exhibition.

Sophie Delaporte is my favourite photographer of all time. She is the only one who has ever inspired me to see through the lens in the way that I do. there are other artists that I admire and whose work I adore such as Terry Richardson and Ellen von Unwerth, but none have had such a profound effect on me as her.

As far as designers go I should mention I am hopelessly in love and lust with Romance Was Born; Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are by far the most talented Australian designers around, and definitely amongst the most innovative internationally.

The cusp between spring and summer, just when the days are still cool enough to bear but that promise of delirious sun-kissed heat and warm summer rain is coming soon.

Lily Cole, Devon Aoki and Gemma Ward modelling, Sasha Nilsson doing make-up, Kevin McKenzie doing hair, Mika Mizutani doing styling and maybe even have Grace Coddington producing, though she does scare the living daylights out of me. I would take them deep into European woods for a day and night and produce the most spectacular images of my life. I would also like to have Terry Richardson on set, just because I would want to kick back with him during breaks and after the shoot.

A weekend sailing in crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, just off Sardegna in Italy. I would sail over to Corsica, and spend a night there, and the rest of the time I would just move between island to island, beach to beach, enjoying fresh food, the sun and the sea. Admittedly I have actually done this twice before, though for two weeks at a time, but I would love to just do it again for another weekend. I remember it vividly as one of the most gloriously relaxing times of my life.

My cameras. Oh, my soul would be crushed if anything ever happened to them! They are all easily replaceable but I am still very attached to them, they have essentially been extensions of my body for the last seven years, it would be like losing an arm or an eye.

Shooting my first cover for a fashion magazine that is stocked across all major news agencies in Australia. I worked extremely hard to get to where I am and it will only get better from here on out.

To live in New York and be represented by Michele Filomeno's agency, doing what I love every single day and shooting for the magazines I have obsessively been poring over ever since the day I got into fashion photography. It is not so much a dream, as a reality that is slowly but surely in the making.

The best year of my life.

What a wonderfully optimistic note to end on, and there's no doubt that there's big things ahead for that little lady! Muchas gracias to Jessica for playing along and sharing her beautiful work with us too! What a lucky lot we are!