Wistful Weekends

What a crazy week! As much as I love long weekends, they sure do make the following four day week into a whole barrel of busy! I suspect I'll be spending much of this weekend behind the computer trying to make up for lost time, especially as I was forced to sit around and twiddle my thumbs for most of today while I anxiously waited for my very broken iPhone (gasp!) to back up.

If only I had the good luck to spend my weekend in a space like this! (And if only my little PC didn't need SO many cords!)

But here's hoping your weekend looks a little more like this...

Or, if the weather allows, maybe something like this.

I think I'm already missing picnic weather, but given that I was genuiney excited to wear a scarf today for the first time this year, I think I'll be alright!

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend! And stay tuned for a very exciting Friday surprise...

xx Kit

[Images in order: Sabrina Rothe interior photography via desire to inspire, Lori Guyer's restyled porch via Design*Sponge, Amy and Stuart wedding photography via Erin Ever After]

The Glee-Lightful Jayma Mays

Horrid attempted play-on-words aside (please forgive me), I absolutely adore Angela Kohler's photographs of Jayma Mays. Our favourite Glee guidance counselor is looking decidedly Lily Cole-esque in the first shot, and all three outfits would be more than welcome in my wardrobe now that it's finally starting to get a little chilly in ol' Sydney town. I love coat weather!

So come on, fess up...who around these parts is a fellow Gleek? Who's your favourite Glee kid...or Cheerio...or Gleekio? And what's the deal with that Jesse kid? Spying mofo or star-crossed Montague?

xx Kit

P.S. Huuuuuuugely exciting surprise for you tomorrow to celebrate the end of a short but crazy week, yay!

[via Dilly Dallas]

More Colour Cravings - Think Pink

[Cake Stands by Iacoli & McAllister via Oh Joy!, Pink Matches via designlovefest]

I think my week needs a little more colour, how about yours?

P.S. If you need a little dose of minimalism, have a look-see at my latest post over at 2Modern!

Wednesday Wisdom - Colour Cravings

I cannot pretend

to feel impartial about colours.

I rejoice with the brilliant ones

and am genuinely sorry

for the poor browns.

-- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

There's something not quite right about sharing whimsical fashion photography and neon interiors alongside a Winston Churchill quote, but somehow, I think it still works.

I've recently found myself craving colour, and lots of it! Don't get me wrong, I still love bright whites and soft neutrals, but every now and then you need a dash of eye-popping colour to liven up your day.

Hope your week is treating you well!

xx Kit

[Fashion Photography by Natasha Ygel via DesignScene, Interiors via coreopsislibra]

Sweet Tooth Tuesday

[Photograph by Infinity Photography courtesy of Polka Dot Bride]

After a very sugary long weekend courtesy of far too many delicious Anzac biscuits, I still found myself swooning over this sweet engagement shoot over at Polka Dot Bride. Everything is picture perfect, from the delicious cupcakes and flower-laden bicycle through to the utterly adorable couple.

What better way to start a (short!) week than with love and cupcakes? How did your weekend treat your, long or otherwise?

Green Thumbs and Fresh Flowers

I really love fresh flowers, but I don't buy them often. I'll confess, I weigh up the cost of a bunch of flowers against how many cups of sweet, delicious coffee I can buy...and in my area, coffee is reasonably priced and flowers are super pricey, and I really couldn't handle giving up a few days worth of coffee for the sake of flowers.
So when I found a teeny little grocer selling reasonably priced flowers, I snapped up a bunch and headed home. As I was walking, I realised I was smiling. Before I knew what I was doing, I was stopping to pat random dogs (my local dog-walker asuured me they wouldn't bite!) and chatting to a few locals. I'm quite sure I was only moments away from skipping along the streets, tipping an imaginary hat at the fine people of Surry Hills.

And I couldn't help but think that if I just bought flowers more often, even at the expense of a few coffees a week, I might just be a little better off in the long run. Maybe.

[My curious kitten, Soda, inspecting the flowery invaders]

And yes, there's definitely a theme developing here. I've been setting aside this weekend quite some time to be an especially flower-centric few days. This plan really only extended as far as my own balcony garden, but I figure it only makes sense to share a little flowery inspiration on here too.

The reason for the flowery theme? It's a long weekend here to commemorate ANZAC Day, and in memory of my grandfathers who both fought in WWII, one as an RAAF pilot and the other as a Rat of Tobruk, I'm going to spend tomorrow planting a combination of poppies and rosemary. It's a ridiculously small gesture in the scheme of things, but it's a family tradition that I cherish nonetheless.

On that note, have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Tuesday.

xx Kit

Green Thumbs and Garden Tools

It has come to my attention that as I fancy myself as a bit of a gardener (despite my ailing herbs), it's about time I invested in some cute garden gloves and a few garden tools while I'm at it. This may also be related to the fact that my sneaky kitten occasionally decides to use my wine barrel planters as her very own ensuite. Lovely.

I've done a little searching on Etsy and I've been keeping an eye out around my local haunts, but I haven't come across anything that really took my fancy...until I found these Anthropologie goodies, that is.

Love love love! But alas, I just can't bring myself to spend $50 on shipping, no matter how much cuteness awaits me!

So tell me, fellow gardeny types, where do you go for your stocks and supplies? Are there some great Etsy or MadeIt stores that I should be raiding, or any marvellous online stores with reasonable shipping costs to little ol' Australia?

And dear Sydney gardeners, do you have any secret haunts you want to share with me? The gardening stores in my 'hood are few and far between (and outrageously overpriced) and Bunnings, quite frankly, scares the bejiminies out of me! Can I get cute garden goods without an astronomical price tag?

xx Kit

P.S. If I get some good recommendations (which I no doubt will!) I'll blog about the finds...and give credit where credit is due of course!

Green Thumbs and Garden Labels

I'm absolutely positive that if I put these gorgeous garden labels from Little Jane St. into my own little garden, my herbs will miraculously stop dying. I just know it!

Yes Please - Alexander McQueen Heels

I'm SO not a high heels kind of girl, but if I had these pretties at my disposal, I think I'd make an exception.

Swoon. So bittersweet to think that such an amazing talent is no longer with us.

P.S. My latest post on 2Modern needs a little comment lovin'! I'd really love to hear your thoughts, cool, crazy or just plain kitsch?

[via DesignScene]

Wednesday Wisdom - Tranquil

When we are unable to find tranquility

within ourselves,

it is useless to seek it elsewhere.

- Francois de La Rochefoucauld (1613 - 1680)

[Please click on images for original sources]

Call for May Sponsors - First In, Best Dressed

Time for a little sponsor shakeup! I've cut my sponsorship rates in half and placement will be on a first in, best dressed basis, so if you want to put US$25 to work and get your brand, store or site in front of 5000 unique visitors per week AND over 5000 subscribers, shoot an email to advertising [at] thatunreliablegirl [dot] com !

New sponsors will also feature in a shiny Sponsor Spotlight feature, and if you're kind enough to book in for 3 months or more, you'll get a 10% discount too.

So what are you waiting for?!

Spooling Around

I can't stop staring at these Spool Vases by Mara Skujeniece. Not only is the photography stunning, but the concept itself is so beautifully simple and perfectly executed...especially as the vases are all handmade.

Yet another ceramic collection to add to my ever-growing wishlist!

[via the style files]

Feeling Flat

After a few momentary bursts of energy, largely due to mother-related outings and obligations, I'm back to feeling profoundly flat.

Strangely, I still have all these amazing finds I want to show you, but it doesn't feel quite right to share them without my usual enthusiasm. So today shall be a quiet day of tea, reading, and rest.

Be well.

xx Kit

[Image by Romina Sharma via {bits of beauty}]

In an Ideal World...

...My kitten wouldn't attack anything with tassels, my boyfriend wouldn't insist on leaving his clothes, shoes and various items of crockery on my white couch, and I would have had the foresight to do some serious Scotchguarding before I let either of those two grubby little demons near said vulnerable couch.

Oh, and in an ideal world, my living room would look like this...

In reality, I only have that couch, complete with antique white couch cover...what was I thinking?! I may have bought it a few months prior to falling in love with my little grey kitten, but still, I should have known better. The only person I know who's messier than I am is Mr. Unreliable. Worse still is that even though I'm messy, I compensate by going into complete cleaning overdrive whenever we have guests...Mr. Unreliable however, couldn't care less.

He always rolls his eyes and exclaims wearily "Oh why bother cleaning, it's just so-and-so!" He has applied this sound slice of logic to just about everyone, including my mother, and it wouldn't surprise me if he extended it to prime ministers, presidents and/or queens, were they ever to be in the neighbourhood.

His priorities are elsewhere...and I'm almost a little envious that he can be so blasé about the whole deal. The cynic in me says that he doesn't need to worry, because hey, who's going to judge him for having a messy house? He's a guy!

One part of me tells me this is ridiculous, but the other part keeps playing over the many times various family and friends ask ME why Mr. Unreliable is so darn skinny, and why I haven't been feeding him well.

Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't aware we'd travelled back in time and landed in 1952! Let me just get my apron and my hot rollers! Did you park the Delorean out front?

HE CAN FEED HIMSELF! He's a grown man, he lived out of home long before I came along, let him cook for himself. Or here's a crazy idea, let him cook for ME!

But I digress. Here's the crux of it. I feel like I will be judged if our home isn't perfectly spotless. I feel as though it will reflect poorly on me, and nobody else.

I thought that these feelings might just be down to an age old battle of designers cohabiting with non-designers, but I suspect this is a little larger, and I'm quite sure I'm not alone...am I?

Wednesday Wisdom - Second Spring

Autumn is a second spring

when every leaf is a flower.

- Albert Camus (1913 - 1960)

I adore this quote, and the idea that spring isn't the only time of year that brings the beauty of new beginnings; for some reason that's exactly the kind of message I need to hear at the moment.

In an attempt to break my low spirits yesterday, I took a little time out and walked around my neighbourhood, and it was so lovely to see that Autumn is already in full force. The streets are lined by beautiful shades of green, yellow and orange, and I suspect flame reds aren't too far away either. This really is a magical time of year, and it was so refreshing to be able to take a moment to step back and soak it all in.

Deep breaths, one step at a time.

[Please click on images for original sources]

Giveaway Goodness Winner

Oh yes, you thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? Well I don't blame you, I'm not known as 'That Unreliable Girl' for nothing! But without further ado...drumroll please...

Hooray! Well done Heather, there's an email on the way to confirm your win!

As always, the winner was selected by trusty ol' random.org, but I still think it's worth mentioning that Heather won by becoming a Facebook Fan of That [Unreliable] Girl *hint hint*

Anyhoo, thank you to everyone who entered and spread the word, and muchas gracias to Jordan for sharing her amazing talents with us all! Be sure to stop by The Art of Jordan store for more marvellous goodies, that lovely lady has an incredible style!

Another Giveaway Goodness is just around the corner, so watch this space!

xx Kit

Life in Slow Motion

Remember how I thought I would have snapped out of my little zombie slump by today? Well, no such luck. I'm still feeling off; not sick per se, but definitely not well. I think a trip to the doctor is in order.

What do you do when you're not feeling quite right? When you just don't feel like you, for no apparent reason?

Head, Clouds, Kit

I'm feeling so foggy and dazed today, I can barely string a sentence together. My cold has more or less departed, but I'm still feeling unfocused and generally out of it.

To illustrate how spaced out I am, those two sentences above just took me 45 minutes to type. I'm quite sure my brain is on standby...or possibly just bluescreening. Whatever's going on, I'm running on empty.

Last night, I actually got 8 hours of solid sleep for the first time in almost a month, but I still feel like a little blogging zombie. So instead of blabbering on about brains (or lack thereof), I'm shall direct you to the amazing photography of Lissy Elle, wish you a wonderful Monday, and promise that I'll announce the Giveaway Goodness winner tomorrow when I'm a little more coherent.

xx Kit

Happy Friday - Bokeh Heaven

I can't get enough of this amazing music clip. If the stills aren't enough to reel you in, how about the prospect of 3-dimensional, animated bokeh?! PRETTY OVERLOAD!

I can't think of anything better to finish off the week!

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a marvellous weekend planned! I hope some Sydney-siders will be making their way to the Surry Hills Festival, I might just see you there!

Even though I'm finally recovering from my pesky cold and I'd really like a weekend to relax and recover, I still have a zillion emails to catch up on, plenty of work to do, and a mother who'll be in town and in need of some entertainin' - no rest for the wicked!

xx Kit

P.S. You still have just over 2 days to enter The Art of Jordan Giveaway Goodness! Even if you've already entered, you can still Tweet your way to extra entries!

[via Fubiz]

Oh, It's Autumn!

I've been so busy whinging about my never-ending cold and the much-missed Daylight Savings, that it's only just occurred to me that it's AUTUMN - YAY! I swear it sneaks up on me every year, but fortunately it didn't take a maple leaf in the face for me to remember this time around!

As soon as every season rolls around, I'm pretty sure it's instantly my favourite. Yeah, Spring has flowers and Summer has beaches, and Winter has cute coats and comfy boots, but Autumn?! Well, it has cute cardigans and coloured tights and changing, falling leaves. There are so many beautiful maple trees lining the streets of Surry Hills, that it really is a beautiful season to be in Sydney.

But back to cardigans...

I love all these looks, and the first photo in particular was the one that gave me my seasonal lightbulb moment. Cute dresses, oversized cardigans and ruffled jackets, killer heels and pretty bags - oh Autumn, how I love thee!

All this inspiration comes straight from Flickr stream of Atlanta-based Liebermarlene Vintage, run by and featuring the adorable Rhiannon...who I'm now going to blame for my revived infatuation with all things cardigan-related.

Yay, Autumn!

[via Tabitha Emma]

Bring the Outdoors In

I'm currently on the hunt for living room chairs; the kind of hunt that takes place entirely from my computer, but is fervent nonetheless. And whilst you couldn't tell from the current state of my abode, I'm notoriously picky when it comes to furniture. Perhaps picky isn't quite the right word, try...indecisive.

Most of this stems from the fact that I get to see beautiful furniture every day at the office job, but in designer mode the price tag is usually an afterthought. At home however, it's front and centre, and my taste rarely line up with my wallet.

Which is why, in theory, these Nido chairs by Javier Pastor for Expormim could be the answer. Not only would they look smashing in my little living room, but they'd also be just as comfortable on my balcony too. It's basically two pieces of furniture for the price of one - bargain!

In reality however, even with such marvellous post-justification, I suspect the price point might still be a tiny bit out of reach. For now.

[via AT]

Flowers and Floorboards

After my bouncing-off-the-walls energy yesterday, I had completely run out of steam by 6pm. By 8pm, my head was pounding, my nose was running, and my cold was back in full force. Serves me right for trying to get too much done when I was feeling alright!

Spending all day in bed today, however, has lead me to a very important conclusion...

Everything is better with flowers
and timber floorboards.

Staring out at my little balcony full of half-restored furniture and drooping plants, and my bedroom full of beautiful light but uninspiring beige carpet, I kept thinking about the stunning image above. I don't think I've ever seen so much perfection in a single image. And whilst my renting self can't do much about the carpet, I can definitely make a change on the flower front.

So this weekend, my tiny little blueberry bush is getting some flowery company, and my rampant tomato vine might get a few friends too.

What are your favourite, easy-to-grow flowers? If you know of any varieties that are perfect for a shaded Autumn life on a little balcony, please let me know!

[Image by Corrie Bond via {frolic!}]

Manic Monday

After feeling sorry for myself all weekend, I find myself in complete overdrive on this lovely, work-free Monday. My cold has subsided to a mere sniffle and I'm actually feeling pretty good, so I plan to make the most of it before the 9-5 resumes.

My plans for the day include:

  • Cleaning up my study
  • Hanging some prints
  • Taking Polaroids around the house
  • Taking Polaroids around the neighbourhood (weather permitting)
  • Painting my refrigerator with blackboard paint
  • Cleaning the apartment from top to bottom
  • Get my Google Reader below the dreaded 1000+ unread items
  • Work on a range of exciting design projects

Given that the first 3 were ticked off before 7am, I'm fairly optimistic I can achieve a few more throughout the day, even with an afternoon family session planned. I'm sure the lack of sleep will catch up with me at some stage, especially with my local cafe closed for the day, but I think I can fit a nap in there too.

[Clean desk, pretty prints on wall - yay!]

[Poladroid of Polaroids]

[More prints, finally on my walls instead of in a pile!]

Come to think of it, that nap is sounding pretty good right about now. But before I pass out, tell me what you're up to this fine day!

[First image via weheartit, the rest by me, my iPhone and Poladroid]

Happy Easter!

I hope you're all making the most of the extra time off (by doing nothing but relaxing!), and of course a little extra time with family and friends too!

I've still done a big pile of nothing thus far thanks to the remnants of my cold, but tomorrow I'll be chilling out with family, eating delicious food (clearly not prepared by me!) and drinking tasty beverages. Then it's back to reality, deadlines, and lots and lots of exciting projects to keep me on my toes!

[L: via the red thread, R: Robins Eggs by ewhitakerphoto]