Monsters and Aliens Invade Upcycled Artworks

If you've ever bypassed drab landscape paintings at a garage sale or your local op shop, these cheeky altered artworks might make you think again. In a quirky departure from the urban additions made famous by Banksy, these monstrous alterations are a little bit whimsical, and sometimes just a little bit creepy too!

US-based artist Chris McMahon has been adding a range of fantastical monsters to acquired landscapes since 2009, and describes them as "involuntary collaborations." If your walls need a furry land narwhal or two (and really, whose doesn't?!) then can you grab prints via deviantArt.

Thryza Segal has been adding her theatrical spin to the style since a Godzilla-based request back in 2007, and her style soon evolved into alien alterations and adorable back stories! 

Based in Vancouver, Thryza cites her background in set and costume design as the inspiration for her interventions, and tries to bring new life to paintings that were otherwise destined for the scrapheap - for example, the alterations in Fun at the Lake cover a large damaged area in the most adorable of ways!

Prints are currently available from her Etsy store, and the originals are destined for a silent auction next month.

xx Kit

[Via TwistedSifter]