Party Planning Panic

It's been a little quiet on the blog lately as I feverishly try to pull together a million ideas into one "relaxed" party. This weekend is a fairly significant birthday milestone for me, and for the purposes of my vanity, let's just round down and pretend it's my 25th.

Next weekend I'll be having a party to celebrate/mourn the occasion, and quite frankly I'm a little scared. What if everything looks terrible? What if it looks great but nobody shows up? What if my attempts at cooking give someone food poisoning?

I truly wish I had the spare cash to outsource everything, from the styling and setup through to catering and drinks, but it's just not possible on a freelancers budgets.

So it's a DIY party-planned event by the most disorganised, anxious person in this corner of Queensland.

Wish me luck!

xx Kit

PS. If you want to see what kind of ideas I'm trying to pull together, have a look-see at my Pinterest!

[Image via Green Wedding Shoes]

Obscure Quotes, Landscapes and Helvetica

Sometimes when I'm particularly devoted to procrastinating, I do things like this to hopefully amuse (but probably annoy) people from random corners of the internet. This time, it was a Twitter quote from Brendan Maclean that spoke to me. As soon as I read the words I thought, yes, that needs to be in white Helvetica on a blurred landscape background.

Sorry Mr. Maclean. I had to. 

Also, you're welcome.

xx Kit

PS. The background image is a snap of a salvaged Alois Arnegger print that adorns my desk now that I've finally come to terms with the slow and painful death of my desktop PC, and the resulting uselessness of my beautiful (and relatively new) monitor.

PPS. Probably don't use someone else's photos and claim them as your own when you add a quote to them. Definitely don't add your own watermark to your appropriated image, and please, always do your best to find the original source and credit them accordingly!

Semi-Permanent Stolen Snaps

These two photos captured by Megan Cullen Photo at last week's Semi-Permanent Brisbane event are a pretty perfect summary of two of the most powerful overarching themes of the day.

They may seem blatantly obvious, but the design industry is a challenging world and we often need these kind of 'commonsense' reminders. I do, at least - even after a decade in the design world.

Another reoccurring theme was the importance of personal projects. Almost all the speakers touched on this in some way or another - pouring yourself into a personal project, expressing yourself in an unfiltered, unapologetic way (Moffitt.Moffitt) and letting your work be your journal (Miso).

Challenge accepted.

xx Kit

Caffeinated Art - BioCup Art Series

I love a when bit of unexpected inspiration sneaks into your world, especially when it arrives holding precious caffeinated elixir! BioPak have collaborated with OKYO to create some of the prettiest coffee cups you've ever seen, and they're environmentally friendly to boot!
The BioCup Art Series features the work of 6 Australian artists - Lily Rose Dambelli, Jessica Bee, Jennie Holtsbaum, Annie Everingham, Thomas Wilcox and Mark Gerada. Fittingly, I found out about this fantastic initiative when I noticed the architecturally inspired work of Mark Gerada adorning my beloved skinny cap - my two loves in one delicious package!

Three of the artworks are also available as prints from the OKYO store, so if your coffee fix isn't just cutting it you can add these pretty prints to your walls too!

xx Kit

Semi Permanent Inspiration

I was lucky enough to attend Semi-Permanent Brisbane yesterday, and I'm looking forward to having the weekend to pore over the beautiful Book Two and really process all the knowledge and wisdom shared during the day.
 [Tyler Durden-inspired snap of Ben Briand's short film, Some Static Started]

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge and talent at events like Semi-Permanent, especially for a hermit like me who was too shy to rock along to the after party on my own, but I'll do my best to sort through my thoughts and impressions of the day and share them here with you next week.

In the meantime, check out the great snaps, quotes and insights from other Brisbane attendees over on Tagboard and/or Seen (where I'm a 'Top Source' - woo!) I was planning to take a lot of my own photos during the event, until I took a shot during Ben Briand's presentation and suddenly realised how awkwardly loud my phone's camera is, regardless of which app I used. I could swear the sound echoed!

Anyhoo, watch this space for more SP goodness, and have a great weekend!

xx Kit