Caffeinated Art - BioCup Art Series

I love a when bit of unexpected inspiration sneaks into your world, especially when it arrives holding precious caffeinated elixir! BioPak have collaborated with OKYO to create some of the prettiest coffee cups you've ever seen, and they're environmentally friendly to boot!
The BioCup Art Series features the work of 6 Australian artists - Lily Rose Dambelli, Jessica Bee, Jennie Holtsbaum, Annie Everingham, Thomas Wilcox and Mark Gerada. Fittingly, I found out about this fantastic initiative when I noticed the architecturally inspired work of Mark Gerada adorning my beloved skinny cap - my two loves in one delicious package!

Three of the artworks are also available as prints from the OKYO store, so if your coffee fix isn't just cutting it you can add these pretty prints to your walls too!

xx Kit