Get Framed - Polaroid Planter

I like plants. I like photography. So it follows that I like this cute lil' Polaroid Flower Vase by Jung Hwajin. Complete with built in lighting and the famous Polaroid proportions that we've come to know and love, this is one little prototype I'd happily hang in my humble abode, even if it meant a few holes and a cranky landlord.

I do however have a tendency to send my indoor plants to the garden in the sky, so succulents are definitely a go for forgetful types like yours truly.

Are you an indoors plants type of lad/lady, or are plants strictly al fresco in your corner of the world?

Wednesday Wisdom - Rest Assured

Laziness is nothing more
than the habit of resting
before you get tired.

- Jules Renard (1864 - 1910)

I have never taken any exercise
except sleeping and resting.

- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

A ruffled mind
makes a restless pillow.

- Charlotte Bronte (1816 - 1855)

Throughout my recovery, I've been tired all the time. I'm constantly sluggish and lethargic, and worst of all, guilty about my involuntary laziness! And whilst I'm eager to jump back in, full speed ahead, I know have to pace myself so I don't end up back in the ER.

So a huge, huge thank you to you all for your patience and understanding! I've finally peeked into my inbox and seen just how behind I am, but I assure you, it's right at the top of my list of things to do...right after another little nap.

xx Kit

P.S. The new look blog is on the way too...I promise!

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The Best Thing Since...

Another confession. I'm a Moleskine kid. I've never been anything else...but Burak Kaynak might just convert me yet with his tasty Sliced Bread Notebooks.

I like to think I'm not really a sucker for mere novelty value, but there's something strangely alluring about popping down to the shops for some milk and a loaf of books.

Knowing me, I'd forget to get the milk...but I'd have 12 cute little notebooks in which to write my next shopping list, and then milk success is virtually assured. Right?

Well maybe not. But I'd have cool notebooks, and that's what counts.

Fancy Seeing You Here

I have a confession.

After an impromptu trip to the emergency room and an unexpectedly lengthy recovery...I haven't done a scrap of reading. Or reseaching. Or designing. Or even checking my emails.

I have however done a lot of sitting, a lot of staring into space, and a whole lot of intense appreciation of the variety of flowers that have adorned my apartment since my own little Grey's Anatomy experience.

So, despite how astoundingly average this year has been treating myself and those around me, I've come to the conclusion that flowers brighten every room, smiles brighten every day, and friends and family brighten every corner of your existence.

2009 will be a great year yet!

Happy Monday everyone! So...what have I missed?

[Image by Max Wanger via A Cup of Jo]