Broken x 2

Apparently this is the week (slash month) that everything in my corner of the world decides to fall apart. Not only is my brain completely broken, but my email seems to have followed suit too. If you're waiting on an email from me, I apologise profusely! I attempted to sort it all out tonight but my little brain (and/or my little PC) just wouldn't cooperate.

Fingers crossed tomorrow will bring better things, not only in terms of technological and cerebral functions, but life in general too!

xx Kit

P.S. I would really love to share more of my own original content with you, so if this is something you might like to see, it would mean the world to me if you'd pay a visit to my lovely sponsors (including my new Nuffnang sponsor who clearly knows how messy my apartment is right now) and help me on the way to aquiring my very first little ol' DSLR. ♥

[Images by katakana and Max Peake]

In the Mood - The Photography of Stratis Vogiatzis

Love the moody textures and lighting in the photography of Stratis Vogiatzis. Find out more about Vogiatzis' work over at Pia Jane Bijkerk (and be sure to stay a while too, Pia's blog is a treasure trove of beauty and inspiration!)

More Clouds...

...But the silver lining is still eluding me. In between a moody internet connection and a few personal dramas, things might be quiet in this corner for a little while yet. A sincere thank you to each and every one of you who stops by, it really does mean the world to me and I'm looking forward to being back in full force...again.

While I'm waiting and hoping for the clouds to clear, please consider showing a little love to those who support me - I'll be telling you a little more about all my amazing sponsors soon, but don't let that stop you from finding out for yourself in the meantime. Thank you also to everyone who entered the latest Giveaway Goodness, I'll announce the winner in the next day or so, clouds and internet connection permitting.

xx Kit

Postcard Picture Surprise

There's nothing quite like receiving a hand written letter or postcard in the mail, so imagine how special you'd feel if, a week or so before your birthday, a brightly coloured postcard turned up from a distant loved one. Then the next day, more of these cards turn up, each one from a different friend in a different corner of the world. You notice that every postcard has a number...

...and slowly but surely, you piece together the puzzle and an image unfolds in front of your eyes.

That's the way the ingenious Jordan Ferney decided to help celebrate her friend's birthday, complete with glitter, a whole lot of stamps, and an image of the birthday girl (in full Halloween garb - I assumeshe doesn't always get around town dressed as a cat burgler...not that there's anything wrong with that! Well yeah okay, maybe there is.)

What an amazing surprise, and a lovely way to show a friend just how special and loved they are.


I adore everything about this image, from the patterned frock and chunky belt, the flawless makeup and peaceful expression, through to the very idea of weather warm enough to allow a nap amongst the flowers. But especially the peaceful expression.

xx Kit

P.S. I'm hunting for things that make me smile at the moment, and right at the top of my list is What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Jayma Mays makes me happy.

P.P.S. The latest Giveaway Goodness ends this weekend, make sure you've got your entries in for the chance to win the gorgeous Kara Adams handbag - thanks again Leeloo! ♥

Every Cloud...

...has a silver lining.

Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find it.

Based on recent events in my corner, however, I think I'll be looking for a while yet.

[Please click on images for sources]

Tag and Release

I'm really terrible at passing along tags and awards, but one tag recently tweaked my curiosity and sent me trawling through my archives. Courtesy of Kristin, I went in search of the 6th image I ever blogged. I remembered back to how different my taste was when I fired up this blog, how I loved all things Modernist and minimal and wasn't particularly moved by anything else. If you told me that merely 18 months down the track I'd be obsessed with garden sheds and doilies and imperfectly beautiful Polaroids, I would have asked what illicit substance you'd been consuming.

So when I came across my 6th image, I was pleasantly surprised. Somehow, in amongst my ultra-modern architecture obsession and my love of unapologetically hard-edged art, fashion and photography...

The work of Tim Walker still spoke to me then, as it does now.

After a week that has been confusing and heartbreaking, there's some small comfort in knowing that sometimes, beauty in all its forms, from amazing artworks through to the cherished moments spent with friends and loved ones, can cut through everything and remind you that life is so very short, yet so very wonderful.

Geeky Giggles

It's 'Roid Week over on Flickr at the moment (the Pola' variety, not the scary muscle bulking, peepee shrinking type), so I thought I'd share this geeky little gem to celebrate. Don't get the joke? Don't worry, that just means you're cooler than me!

But more importantly, if you're not familiar with tubes and his amazing collection entitled Toys on 'Roids, I suggest you check it out this instant! And be sure to pay a visit to the 'Roid Week stream too, there's some beautiful stuff floating around right now!

Wednesday Wisdom - Seriously

Not a shred of evidence
exists in favor of the idea
that life is serious.

- Brendan Gill

When in doubt, laugh.

xx Kit

[Images by ABCD Design and Lonny via Plush Palate]

Happy Monday - Bedrest, Books and Baths

Happy Monday my lovelies! I'm feeling quite under the weather today so I'm going to be all about bedrest, books (getting my Austen on with Mansfield Park), and soothing baths until further notice.

In the meantime though, have you seen my stealthy Giveaway Goodness Surprise? It's a good'un I tellsya!

[L-R: Sabrina Rothe via desire to inspire, simply contemporary via delight by design]

Giveaway Goodness Surprise!

Oh yes indeed, the surprise you've all been waiting for is an amazing giveaway that I just couldn't wait to share with you for another day! The public holiday may have messed up my schedule, but I think we all deserve a little celebration after the crazy week that followed, yes?

I'm SO excited about this giveaway that I've even been dreaming about it. Yes, really. Happy, pretty, floral, Florence Broadhurst dreams.

Courtesy of Leeloo, a fantabulous online store and avid supporter of Australian design talent, the lucky winner will be the proud owner of this delicious handbag, handmade by Kara Smith.

Valued at $189.95, this adorable handbag boasts a divine Florence Broadhurst fabric outer, and a recycled cotton interior, and a cute vintage button provides the perfect finishing touch. At 32cm deep (58cm with straps), it's the perfect size for notebooks (and magazines!), and with an interior pocket split into two sections, it's just as practical as it is pretty!

For the chance to win, head on over to the Leeloo shop and have a look through all the newly added goodies, then head back here and let us know which item takes your fancy! Please also include an email address in your comment if there isn't one listed on your profile (try if you're worried about those pesky spambots!) As always, this giveaway is open worldwide!

And to spread the love a little more, you can score bonus entries for each of the following:

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The giveaway will run until Sunday, 16th of May, 5pm AEST and will be announced here on the following Monday - good luck!