Tag and Release

I'm really terrible at passing along tags and awards, but one tag recently tweaked my curiosity and sent me trawling through my archives. Courtesy of Kristin, I went in search of the 6th image I ever blogged. I remembered back to how different my taste was when I fired up this blog, how I loved all things Modernist and minimal and wasn't particularly moved by anything else. If you told me that merely 18 months down the track I'd be obsessed with garden sheds and doilies and imperfectly beautiful Polaroids, I would have asked what illicit substance you'd been consuming.

So when I came across my 6th image, I was pleasantly surprised. Somehow, in amongst my ultra-modern architecture obsession and my love of unapologetically hard-edged art, fashion and photography...

The work of Tim Walker still spoke to me then, as it does now.

After a week that has been confusing and heartbreaking, there's some small comfort in knowing that sometimes, beauty in all its forms, from amazing artworks through to the cherished moments spent with friends and loved ones, can cut through everything and remind you that life is so very short, yet so very wonderful.