Postcard Picture Surprise

There's nothing quite like receiving a hand written letter or postcard in the mail, so imagine how special you'd feel if, a week or so before your birthday, a brightly coloured postcard turned up from a distant loved one. Then the next day, more of these cards turn up, each one from a different friend in a different corner of the world. You notice that every postcard has a number...

...and slowly but surely, you piece together the puzzle and an image unfolds in front of your eyes.

That's the way the ingenious Jordan Ferney decided to help celebrate her friend's birthday, complete with glitter, a whole lot of stamps, and an image of the birthday girl (in full Halloween garb - I assumeshe doesn't always get around town dressed as a cat burgler...not that there's anything wrong with that! Well yeah okay, maybe there is.)

What an amazing surprise, and a lovely way to show a friend just how special and loved they are.