Wednesday Wisdom - Dazed and Confused

Confusion is a word we have invented
for an order which is not understood.

- Henry Miller (1891 - 1980)

Confusion is always
the most honest response.

- Marty Indik

If confusion
is the first step to knowledge,
I must be a genius.

- Larry Leissner

Wowsers! Just when I thought Fate might be taking a well-earned break, she decides to throw another curveball my way when I least expect it. The last week or two has been a circus in amongst running between the hospital and various family abodes, but after a fair chunk of chaos and another unhealthy dose of stress, everyone is doing fine and I'm finally back on board.

More apologies for my quick trip off the face of the Earth! Fingers crossed I can dose up on inordinate amounts of caffeine and finally do some serious catching up! Super gigantic thank you for your patience! <3


Chantal said...

Welcome back! I always love to read your post. I think patience is a vertue. Wish you well!

Anne said...

glad it all worked out and welcome back.

K.Line said...

Oh, I hope everything gets back to normal - and that everyone is well - soon!

Jana Souza said...

I don't know what's been going on Kit, although I do know you were sick. I hope things calm down for you a bit and you find some balance. Sending support :)


RdGarnet said...

I hope you feel better girly. Once again, beautiful post! Welcome back. Look forward of seeing more of your post.