Sights of Summer

I love seeing images of this time of year from all around the world, especially the cosy festive feel of my northern hemisphere friends. Christmas time in this corner of the world however is all about embracing Summer, whether it be BBQs at the beach, or just doing whatever you can within your power to escape the heat (and the mosquitoes!)

[People with swimming pools are my best friends]

[Necessary summer staples]

[Bubbles, swimmers, and memories of days
spent in the sprinkler (pre-water restrictions!)]

[Good magazines, icy cold drinks. Ahhhh bliss]

[Summer storms and refreshing rainbows]

[Hiding from mosquitoes is a fine art]

[Mmm fresh fruit, nom nom nom]

[Lazy afternoons spent napping at the beach]

I love Summer!

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Anonymous said...

aw, I wish it was summer here! but it's cold and wintry :(


bowsnhearts said...

I love the wooden mice!!!!

I wonder how much they are...Hmm....

Brooklyn said...

Your blog is a beautiful temporary escape from winter in Wisconsin. I love it!