It's been a while.

I'm torn as to whether I should first offer my sincere apologies to the many people I let down with yet another sudden, unplanned and extended absence, or thank the many people who reached out to see how I was travelling.

I'd quite like to do both simultaneously, in a rain of love-heart confetti and to the (inexplicable) tune of Walking on Sunshine, all whilst yelling THANK SORRY YOU SO MUCH!

As you may know, my health (or lack thereof) has made the last few years pretty tough for me, and as a result, both my personal and professional relationships have suffered. The experience has ranged from humbling to outright demoralising. Soul-crushing sounds a bit dramatic, but it's not too far from the truth.

To add insult to my Sudden-Disappearance injury, particularly for those I have previously partnered with/collaborated with/been supported/sponsored by, my domain was kindly reclaimed by a company that shall not be named, even after I provided all my payment details to them within their allocated timeframe. Their price miraculously jumped 300% which I was unable to produce instantly, as demanded, and my old domain is now in the hands of someone who believes it is currently worth US$5000.

It's very flattering that something I created is now "worth" so much, but with a few years of medical bills hanging ominously over my head, I'd be be lucky to spare $50, let alone $5k.

So back to my humble .blogspot beginnings, I'm here to offer both my heartfelt apologies to the many people I abandoned, and my heartfelt gratitude to those who have checked in with me or offered their kind words of support. There's a great deal of overlap, and for that I'm exponentially grateful.

I hope to start writing and sharing inspiration with you all again soon.

 Thank you + Sorry x 80 zillion.

xx Kit