Paper Cuts - The Pretty Kind, Not the Hurty Kind!

Back in February I blogged a little roundup of my favourite paper artists, but I somehow managed to leave the astounding work of Peter Callesan off the list. Outrageous! His subject matter varies widely from beautifully crafted Gondry-esque castles to the morbidly fascinating skeletal portraits, all the way through to flora, fauna, romance and fairy tales. So in a belated attempt to redeem myself for the glaring omission, here are a few of my personal favourites from his Framed Papercut collections.

[Alive, But Dead, 2006]

[Detail - Alive, But Dead, 2006]

[Detail - Alive, But Dead, 2006]

[Broken Flowers, 2007]

[Detail - Broken Flowers, 2007]

[Fall, 2006]

[Detail - Fall, 2006]

[The Core of Everything, 2006]

[Detail - The Core of Everything, 2006]

And not one to pass up a good fairy tale reference, there's even an A4 homage to Han Christian Andersen's tale of The Steadfast Tin Soldier, in which the soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina who lives in the paper castle.

[The Impossible Meeting, 2005]

[Detail - The Impossible Meeting, 2005]

It never ceases to amaze me that some stories can be so exquisitely told without a single word being written.


William Street Store said...

these are so gorgeous!!

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness!! They are completely amazing!!! I sense a slight obsession with papercut art commencing in my near future ...

la cuisine bourgeois said...

these are incredible. what imagination. i love that we are still surprised by people's creativity and talent :)

Alison said...

these are beautiful!! paper cuts like these must take so long to make, and take so much patience! i'm complete obsessed with paper but i don't think i could ever make anything as stunning as these!!! :-)

sara : 5 o'clock crows said...

I love work that's precise and time-consuming and obsessive... those are fantastic!

Pixel Wild Child said...

These are the most Creative finds I have seen in some time... simply fantastic!!!