A Cut Above - The Best of Paper Art

As someone who has spent their fair share of time crouched over a craft mat fighting the cramps that often go hand in hand with extended use of tiny craft knives, I am outwardly ecstatic and inwardly envious that all things paper are undergoing such a notable resurgence.

Most of my favourites have already well and truly done the blog rounds, but I wanted to share them again anyway, mainly because my walls are still largely bare and I need a little inspiration.

First up is Rob Ryan, whose whimsical paper cut creations have grabbed the attention of Vogue UK and Vogue Japan, not to mention an insanely successful collaboration with Paul Smith.

Combining Tord Boontje-esque filigree with cute birds, happy couples and the occasional tragic love story, it isn't difficult to see why Mister Rob's designs are in such high demand.

In addition to Rob's official site, he also has a great blog where you can keep up to date on his latest work.

Next up is Yulia Brodskaya, a Russian-born, London based graphic designer who has merged quilling and typography together into some of the most exquisite paper creations I've ever seen.

If I wasn't so incredibly adept at giving myself paper cuts (the hurty kind, not the pretty kind!) I would be VERY tempted to call my mother and get her to send all my old quilling kits my way...but I have a feeling we'll all be better off if I leave quilling in the talented hands of Yulia.

The colourful explosions of Jen Stark are next on my list. With layers upon layers of coloured paper and a technique that I can't even wrap my little brain around, Jen creates beautifully unexpected paper sculptures that would brighten up any room.

Ms. Stark, if you happen to be reading, I have the PERFECT wall for your work. Oh, and I happen to know a few gallery owners, so if you ever feel like visiting Australia...call me :D

But back to paper. Helen Musselwhite is a U.K. artist and illustrator who creates adorable three-dimensional scenes by cutting, scoring and folding paper.

The layered constructions draw upon mid-century design, folk art and ethnic art, and many pieces resemble scenes from imagined fairytales.

Helen's works are graphically strong and deceivingly complex, and would be welcome on my walls any time!

The next paper masterpieces come to us via Design*Sponge! Inspired by the use of paper in Japanese spiritual life, the recently graduated Lizzie Thomas has created seasonally themed paper and wood constructions, complete with intricately cut trees and leaf motifs (seasonally appropriate, of course!)

Unfortunately Lizzie's website doesn't seem to be coping with demand, but check out the Design*Sponge article for a sneak peek at her beautiful timber creations (out of vintage rulers, no less?!)

And to complete my little paper art roundup, the lovely work of Claire Brewster only recently came to my attention via Ill Seen, Ill Said. And when it did, I involuntarily squealed and clapped my hands like a cashed up kid in a candy store.

Maybe I need to seek professional help, but come on! Birds! And maps! And some are vintage maps! How could I not be excited by that prospect?!

Not to mention the fact that the silhouettes are somehow both simple yet beautifully intricate.

So many talented artists, so few walls! It really is exciting to see how many great concepts and perfectly executed paper projects are coming out of the woodwork and finding their way into the spotlight, where they rightfully belong. Keep it coming people!


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what an amazing collection! i absolutely love rob ryan's papercuts, he has a shop in london which only opens on the weekends i think, must visit next time i'm in london!

ps, i would love to exchange links if you're interested? :)

Stacey said...

Quite something to see, I love all the ones you shared!!

Ms Unreliable said...

Tina - If you happen to visit Mister Rob's shop, pretty please take some photos! I'd love to see what kind of shop he's put together!

And I'd absolutely love to exchange links, your blog is giving me some serious blog envy! :D

Stacey - Why thank you, there's plenty of great work to chose from! Who knew paper would become so cool, so quickly?

Meanwhile, the photos on your blog are amazing! May I ask what kind of camera/s you use?

Merrill M said...

I was just in London, and I went to his store!!! It was a rather serendipitous moment actually. I was visiting a friend over my break and I just so happen to refer to him as Ryantown. As we walked through the flower market we looked up and there it was! To our delight it was Rob Ryans store. We went inside and found all of his amazing work. It was so incredibly romantic that I probably will never forget that moment for as long as I live. I ended up purchasing one of his wooden keys and carved into it, it reads; "The Key to my heart knows that it will one day be found"