Back on Track

Righto ladies and gentleman, I'm back on track and ready for another week. Last week definitely didn't start off on a high note, but thank you to a few uncharacteristic strokes of luck, not to mention my lovely dear readers who left me kind messages of support, I finished the week quite content and endlessly grateful.

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Along with your wonderful support, I also won a fabuloso contest (I never win competitions, and oh em gee I LOVE squirrels!), I'm writing for one of my blogging idols (top secret at the moment, but I'll keep you posted), and I even found $5 on the footpath yesterday! There wasn't even a current affairs camera crew around the corner waiting to pounce on me and expose me as a callous thief for not asking all ZERO of the people in a 500m radius if the money was theirs. Karma was finally throwing a free coffee my way, and dagnammit I needed some sweet caffeinated goodness!

So now I have a smile on my face, a happy smiley tea in my hand, and a few little ideas in mind for this coming week.

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But for now I'm going to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who left such wonderfully supportive comments, I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and good vibes more than my sleepy little brain can convert into words.

Please continue to keep the victims and survivors of the bushfires in your thoughts, as the death toll has reached 189 and over 1000 homes have been lost. It's so heartening that even in such a rocky economic climate, Aussies have donated over $100 million to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Not bad for a population of 21 million. In amongst all the tragedy, it's a relief to have a bit of good news...especially when it involves adorable koalas and truly selfless citizens.

I shall be back tomorrow with a post full of actual content, and perhaps even a coherent sentence or two!

2 comments: said...

glad you found yourself some luck and you're back in blog-action.

that photo of the coffee smile is so cute..who knew coffee could be so expressive?

Ms Unreliable said... - dare I expressive expresso? Yeah I went there! :D