Balloons Away! Dare to Make a Difference!

There's nothing like balloons to catch my attention. They're the woollen ball to my little kitten paws, and resistance is futile. So when Nicola over at Concrete and Honey brought the latest cancer fundraising campaign to my attention, it was love at first sight. Now that we have almost every colour of the rainbow represented in lapel-destined ribbons, we can add balloons to the equation too. Sort of.

This guy was dared to float away from Bondi Beach using my new favourite mode of transport, balloons! His attempts weren't quite successful, but it's the thought that counts, right? Plus I'm 99% sure he's wearing a suit, so props for travelling in style!

The dare is part of Dareadallion Week, the brainchild of the Cancer Council of Australia which challenges lads around the country to dare themselves or each other to sacrifice a little dignity for a good cause. It's another great initiative to raise awareness (and funds) for men's cancer, which affects 1 in 2 Australian men. Whoa. There's even a dare generator if you need a little inspiration.

I for one am hoping to see plenty of men wandering around in the city dressed as their favourite superheros. In fact, I would pay money to see that, which is the whole point of the campaign! Some people are getting tattoos, others are going to roam around a shopping centre all day in their underwear. My personal favourite is from Rod Messent, who has been dared to sign all his work and personal emails "with cuddles and love, Rodd". For a week. I hope the spelling error is intentional too, it just adds to the genius. (I'm so immature.)

The official festivities are from March 2 - 6, but I suspect we may be seeing the results of this campaign for a while to come. With participants encouraged to record their shenanigans and share them on Youtube, I foresee plenty of good material coming our way.

[Images from The Coolhunter via Concrete and Honey - Thanks again Nicola!]


William Street Store said...

Wow!! Such an amazing idea for the campaign.
The balloons look fabulous and make a beautiful picture too.

(reply to your email) i am currently in france at the moment but should be back in aus by the end of the year.
Where in aus are you based?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day

With cuddles and love (:P)

Ms Unreliable said...

Belle - Teehee cuddles and love :D I agree though, whoever came up with this campaign is a genius.

Meanwhile, very envious of your French adventure! I'm in Sydney, dreaming of Paris.

Danielle said...

Nicole was my #1! I had natalie portman in my head until I saw her walk on stage, and went WOW. i literally made a gasp

Ms Unreliable said...

Sweet Nothings - I'm still not totally sold on Natalie's dress, but I definitely had the same reaction about Nicole's dress! She doesn't get a lot of good press here (in her home country, us Aussies can be so mean!) so it's so great to see her looking smashing.