The Bright Side

I'm all about the optimism this week, so here are a few things that are making me smile.

Now that the cooler weather has finally rolled around in my corner of the world, I'm already missing gorgeous summer dresses. But I'm loving the option to team up soft floaty dresses and cute skirts with hot leather jackets or unstructured blazers...not to mention cute tights and comfy boots.

[Image via WIS Design]

[Image via David design]

There's no excuse quite like a rainy weekend to stay indoors, rug up and read a good book. This Readers Nest by WIS Design not only keeps your books tidy, but keeps your page marked as well (I always lose my bookmarks!)

[Image via Oh Joy!]

Speaking of rugging up, I adore these felt DIA Rugs by Magdalena Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn. Made from New Zealand wool and combining antique manufacturing methods and folk motifs with gorgeous colours and the latest in laser cutting technology, the DIA Rugs have already scooped a Red Dot Award and a Wallpaper* award for best textile.

[Image via IQ Matics]

I just LOVE the edge details on the rugs with two or three layers of felt in contrasting colours. Drool.

[Images via Ana Cardim]

And speaking of tiny details, who doesn't need tiny portable books?! These Book Rings by Ana Cardim are perfect for people like moi who have non-existent memories...although being in possession of a pen in order to write in said book rings could be a bit tricky.

[Images via Ana Cardim]

Pen or no pen though, I love these little guys. Tiny books FTW.

[Image via Cluster Balloon]

Meanwhile, as cool as my bicycle is, I don't think anything could ever top cluster ballooning as a mode of transport. The simple fact that there are websites devoted to cluster ballooning is enough to make my week.

[Image via Cluster Balloon]

And yes, these photos are legit. I think. I hope. (If they're not, don't tell me, let me dream!)

And last but not least, Improv Everywhere + High Fives = Awesome.

[Improv Everywhere via MadeByGirl]

Things are looking up my friends! What's making you smile at the moment?


Claire said...

Those book rings are the most unusual thing!! LOVE them!!

WarmSunshine said...

Such a happy post :) Nice rugs, the books in a bird-house like shape were cute... but the Book Rings were the best :)

Vanya Wilkinson said...

Loving the high 5, we need Rob to come to London :)

Penny said...

I love the felt rugs... so lovely!

Ms Unreliable said...

Claire - They're cute aren't they? I feel like practicing to write in really, really small lettering just so I could use the ring book for shopping lists :D

WarmSunshine - The book rings are definitely unique! I wonder if anyone will ever reprint some of the classics in a tiny ring-sized format? :D

Vanya - Hehe I remember getting dirty looks when I was smiling on the escalators in London. I asked my sister what the deal was and her response was "You don't smile on the tube. Nobody does."

Penny - They're so inviting aren't they? They'd look almost as good on the wall too, they're so ornate and pretty!