From the Darkness, Into the Light

I can't stop staring at these two vastly different editorials by two incredibly talented photographers. I'm drawn in by both the dark, industrial feel of Elisabeth Toll's shoot for French Elle, and the squeaky clean light hues of Della Bass' shoot of catwalk darling Hannah Holman.

And that basically sums up my perfect wardrobe. I'm loving Elisabeth Toll's personal site too! If it were a real book, I'd want it on my shelves this very minute!

Meanwhile, thank heavens it's Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend? I'm going to begin the joyful task of moving house! Mmm, cardboard boxes, packing tape and paper cuts - can't wait!

P.S. Big news next week...stay tuned!


Katya said...

Oh wow, look at those gorgeous colours. Love the coloured opaques. Exactly what I would choose to wear to an old industrial warehouse ;)
Thanks for sharing.

Brandi said...

Really lovely photographs. I love the contrast of the bright colors in the industrial setting. I think it's the perfect combination for Black Friday.

During Winter said...

I love the photos, and the outfits are awesome!

Anonymous said...


Have fun moving ;)

Can't wait to see what the big news is!


Electro Geisha said...

wow. great colors, and I agree, and wouldn`t mind to have them all :)have fun moving :)

Sarah Von said...

Gorgeous! I love that blonde in the white.

I just wanted to thank you for entering the giveaway of my calendar over at Oh Mishka! We've got a few left for sale, if you're still keen for one (cough, shameless self-promotion, cough) ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVELY pictures!

Have you seen Dandelion Girl's (glitter in the wind) idea for December? You should check it out. Lovely idea, I think.

Cassandra Marie said...

Hey girl, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm having a little holiday giveaway on my blog! :)


Maggie May said...

Totally agreed.