Rock Around the Clock

I'll have one of each please.

I really adore the simplicity of this idea, yet the beauty of the end result. The idea itself might be quite suitable to a little DIY project, but it would be really difficult to compete with the gorgeous selection available from Faire Houre. All clocks are either one of a kind or strictly limited editions, so you know your timepiece is just as special as it looks.

I'm especially infatuated with the oversized turquoise style, but sadly it's already gone to a loving new home. Next time, Gadget!

[via decor8]


Daydream Lily said...

oooo love these. The turquoise and the birdie is my favourite.

philly5113 said...

Oh lovely, great pictures. certainly makes we want go to do some decorating. The simple is beautiful!

Megara said...

oh these are awesome!!!!! i love the pink one especially. how come no one ever thought of making plates into clocks before?! they are round & beautiful. perfect.
xo meg

Carrie said...

These are great... I'm actually preferring the pink one which is very weird since I'm not a pink kinda gal :-)

Pravina Studio said...

Love love love.

Ms Unreliable said...

Daydream Lily - They're both my favourites it overkill to have a clock in every room?

philly - The styling is gorgeous, isn't it? It's definitely inspiring me to finish all my unpacking and get my apartment in order!

Megara - I really don't know, it's one of those ideas that seems SO obvious once someone else has already done it! It never would have occurred to me, even with my love of clocks and plates on walls!

Carrie - I'm not a pink girl either, but that clock was a last minute inclusion into to the post, and the more I looked at it, the more I realised just how great it was. Pink convert!

Pravina Studio - Couldn't have said it better myself :D