Hold On - The Magic of Angus & Julia Stone

I ventured out on the weekend for the first time in quite a while, and even though it was a mighty battle just to drag myself out the door, I'm so, so glad I made the effort because I did it all for Angus and Julia Stone.

This ridiculously talented brother and sister outfit have been making waves around the world of late, but back in their home town the pair are humble and seemingly amazed by the excitable sold-out crowd. Despite the swarms of screaming fan girls (and boys) who made up a vocal chunk of the standing room section (I wisely booked myself a comfy seat up the back), the performance still managed to feel intimate and unaffected.

Both Angus and Julia switched and swapped instruments with envious ease, but the highlight was undoubtedly the enchanting beauty of their vocals. It's a rare treat when a performer sounds even more gorgeous than their recorded self, but Julia's voice is especially arresting...and sometimes just plain breathtaking.

[Stills from the Hold On filmclip, directed by Kiku Ohe]

Almost all their remaining Australian shows have sold out (check here to make sure), but if you're in the United States, Europe or the United Kingdom and these lovely folk are performing near you, be sure to snap up your tickets early for the chance to check out these freakishly talented Aussies and their sweet, sweet music.

In the meantime, here's their latest filmclip, Hold On, to help start your week on the right note!

Happy Monday!

xx Kit