When Grey Days Give Way

It's easy to take colour for granted. Sometimes, life takes you down a path that slowly and surely drains all the colour away from your life. It seeps away gradually, barely noticeable until suddenly your whole life is nothing but shades of grey.

The last few months have been hard. Illness had sapped away almost every last drop of colour, energy and joy from my life. I was left feeling useless, flat, and grey. Dull, unforgiving grey.

I wanted to be positive and upbeat. I wanted to jump on the computer and write a flippant blog post telling you that all was well, that I'd be back in no time, sorry for the silence. I wanted to reply to your emails and comments, to get back on top of everything like I'd been promising for months. I often found myself wanting to sneak onto Twitter and broadcast some silly or inane observation.

But for the most part, I wanted to retreat from the world and simply hide. I wanted to ignore my phone and my computer and my TV and my front door and my overflowing letterbox. I wanted to crawl up into a ball and sleep. Forever. I'd had enough of all the greyness.

Then, just as gradually and unexpectedly as the colour seeped away, it slowly began to return. A flame red leaf. The crisp blue winter sky. Blades of fresh green grass.

It's a slow process. There's still a lot of grey and far too much beige for my liking, but the colour is coming back.

I've always intended for this blog to be one of positivity, beauty and joy, so as the colour returns to my life, leaf by leaf, blade by blade, drop by drop, I hope to share it with you. I honestly can't thank you all enough for being here, for reading, and for your kind words of support.

xx Kit

[Let's Colour Project via Pitchfork]