Online Obsessions - The Design Files

Ever come across a blog that is so amazing and so you that you're torn between doing a joyous jig or simply throwing your hands in the air and deleting your own blog out of pure, unadulterated envy? I come across these often, but one that keeps upping the ante and generally blowing my mind with endless awesomeness is The Design Files.

Written by Melbourne-based stylist and set dresser Lucy Feagins, the daily blog boasts a strong Australian focus but also manages to cover the best of international design goings-on too. Weekly features include enviable interviews and amazing Australian home tours with some of the most creative and cool kids that Australia has to offer, including the lovely Liss of Daydream Lily!

[Rose Byrne as photographed by James Geer]

So much prettiness, so much talent! Ignoring the fact that this humble little blog is just as young as The Design Files, I still can't help but dream that one day, when my blog 'grows up', it will be even a fraction as inspirational. One day...

Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

xx Kit

P.S. Sydney kids! As seen on The Design Files, don't forget to make your way to the Pop-up Alphabet Co-op this weekend - in true pop-up fashion, it's on for two days only, so be quick!