First Shots - Old and New

Nothing mind-blowing or particularly inspiring about today's post, but I'm still excited about my new camera so I'm going to inflict some snapshots upon you! Essentially, it's a mini-tour of my bedroom as the rest of my place is still hidden under tea cups and paper lanterns!

[ Old by New ]

This is my tiny old dinosaur of a digital camera. The size of a credit card (with the quality to match) he has nevertheless been a trusty friend on the many roads I've travelled over the last decade. He's a little worse for wear and not the prettiest Pentax in town, but I'm sentimental. This was the first photo I took on the new camera.
[ Storage ]

Wanting to get rid of clutter is all well and good until you realise you have next to no storage. So, I improvised.

[ The Vintage Treasures of Bonnie Doon ]

I'm looking forward to finally using my vintage babies for more than just display purposes! I'm currently cutting and pinning bunting for the high tea party (this weekend - eek! Please don't rain!) and the Six-20 Folding Brownie will hopefully be getting some love not too long afterwards!

[ Crochet Corner ]

This time of year is Brisbane is way too hot and humid for leather chairs, as I have discovered. So whilst my beloved 1940's leather office chair sits in the corner collecting even more tea party goods, I've prettied up an otherwise hideous late-90's fabric chair for my own geeky blogging purposes. Doilies everywhere!

[ A Little Light Reading]

My bedside table, complete with Diptyque candle (mandarin and grapefruit, yum!) my grandmother's pillbox (used for small earrings) and a stack of books...all sitting on yet another doily.

I've been one of those annoying people who reads everything on my phone, but since my eBook app of choice has mysteriously ceased to work after allegedly being acquired by Amazon, I've decided that it's time to return to books. Actual books. The ones with real paper!

I headed to my local second-hand book store, loaded myself up with Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and had a fantastic chat to the store owner about everything from the classics to science fiction and back again. I suspect he'll be seeing a lot of me in the near future!

What are you reading at the moment? Do you have a stack of books set aside for the holiday break like I do? I'm currently making my way through all the classics I was never made to read in high school - tell me about your favourite classics (and your least favourite too!)

xx Kit