Obscure Quotes, Landscapes and Helvetica

Sometimes when I'm particularly devoted to procrastinating, I do things like this to hopefully amuse (but probably annoy) people from random corners of the internet. This time, it was a Twitter quote from Brendan Maclean that spoke to me. As soon as I read the words I thought, yes, that needs to be in white Helvetica on a blurred landscape background.

Sorry Mr. Maclean. I had to. 

Also, you're welcome.

xx Kit

PS. The background image is a snap of a salvaged Alois Arnegger print that adorns my desk now that I've finally come to terms with the slow and painful death of my desktop PC, and the resulting uselessness of my beautiful (and relatively new) monitor.

PPS. Probably don't use someone else's photos and claim them as your own when you add a quote to them. Definitely don't add your own watermark to your appropriated image, and please, always do your best to find the original source and credit them accordingly!