Party Planning Panic

It's been a little quiet on the blog lately as I feverishly try to pull together a million ideas into one "relaxed" party. This weekend is a fairly significant birthday milestone for me, and for the purposes of my vanity, let's just round down and pretend it's my 25th.

Next weekend I'll be having a party to celebrate/mourn the occasion, and quite frankly I'm a little scared. What if everything looks terrible? What if it looks great but nobody shows up? What if my attempts at cooking give someone food poisoning?

I truly wish I had the spare cash to outsource everything, from the styling and setup through to catering and drinks, but it's just not possible on a freelancers budgets.

So it's a DIY party-planned event by the most disorganised, anxious person in this corner of Queensland.

Wish me luck!

xx Kit

PS. If you want to see what kind of ideas I'm trying to pull together, have a look-see at my Pinterest!

[Image via Green Wedding Shoes]