To All Mothers

It would be very remiss of me to let today pass without wishing all wonderful mothers, mine included, a very happy Mother's Day.

As someone who was fortunate enough to spend plenty of my childhood with my mother and my two grandmothers, I can say without hesitation that these three amazing women shaped who I am today.

Sadly neither of my grandmothers are with us any longer, but they are never far from my mind, nor my heart. Just in case I revert to my usual scatterbrained ways, I wear one of my grandmother's ring every day - I don't feel complete without it.

My mother lives only a few hours plane trip away, but she's currently enjoying a well earned relaxing holiday on a tropical island, away from pesky forms of technology like mobile phones. Today doesn't feel complete without at least a phone call, but for now an email will have to suffice.

I take comfort in the knowledge that I'll see her in a few short weeks time, but I still haven't quite come to terms with the reason for her sister will soon be a mother herself. I'm only looking on from the sidelines and I'm already petrified. I definitely don't think I'm cut out to be a mother myself, but I hope I can at least be a supportive sister and a fantastic aunt for all the challenges that lay ahead.

Be sure to tell and show the amazing women around you how much they mean to you...not just today, but every day.

[Images by Shana Rae via Secrets of a Butterfly]


ccreatif said...

Lovely pictures and well said. It's true that my mother has made me who I am today. She past away last August, but I often think of her. I wished her happy mothers day (in my thoughs). I am a mother also of a beautiful son. I am bless everyday!

Anonymous said...

What loverly pictures!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what lovely photos & mums are the best!! don't know what i'll do without my mum! she's so great in so many ways! :)

philly5113 said...

Nice tribute. Beautiful flowers. I feel the same as you. I pray that God keeps her around for a long, long time.
Happy Mothers Day to all!

Ms Unreliable said...

Chantal - I'm sorry to hear of your loss - I understand how the day can be bittersweet, but I'm glad to hear that the day can still bring you some joy in the form of your son.

Michelle - Aren't they gorgeous? Shana Rae has a beautiful style!

Tina - I'm the same, not sure what I'd do without my dear mumsie..and now I feel guilty for not calling her as often as I should!

philly - Agreed!

Big Mark 243 said...

Nice pictures. I really like your blog!

Freya said...

lovely pictures! My maternal grandmom brought me up and I was also fortunate enough to spend some years with my great-grand mom whose ring I wear everyday :)