Wednesday Wisdom - The Search

The search for truth
is more precious
than its possession.

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

I'm feeling a little flat today, and not even copious amounts of caffeine and/or chocolate have been able to lift my mood. Now seems like as good a time as any to take my own advice and taste my own medicine...and perhaps set out on a cupcake hunt in the morning. Any other hints or secret potions to ward off the mid-week blues?

[P.S. If you need a little pick-me-up too, go in the running to win an adorable necklace in this week's Giveaway Goodness!]


nicole mountz said...

when i feel like that i either bake, or buy all sorts of fatty foods and crash in front of the tv a.l.l. day. :) hope your day gets better!

Big Mark 243 said...

I think there has been a lot of the 'blahs' going around. Hope you get back to your regular 'unreliable reliability'.

Leah said...

i agree about baking, it focuses you and you get something out of it - nummy treats!
i personally prefer muffins to cupcakes, much more substance and so many more options for flavours.
i would say something creative, but i guess that's partly the problem, isn't it?
go shopping? go op-shopping! feel the rush of walking through the salvo's door and knowing that you could be moments away from the perfect find.

poet said...

I love pictures that mingle a reflection in a window pane with what's behind it!


K.Line said...

Oh, I know those blech days. Cupcakes can be very helpful!

Nina said...

i can't even remember how i got onto your blog but gee it's a small world. that's my friend Tegan in the pic, and my friend LLoyd took it. (i may of may not feature elsewhere on his deviantart)

William Street Store said...

I hope your ok darling!
I have awarded you on my latest post so I hope that can bring a smile to your face!
Enjoy your evening xx

Joanna Lee said...

Accidently Kle was tagged by Contently for 6 things that make you happy.

I wrote 6 down in her comments, but I'll share a different one...because there are so many!

7. Reading my favorite blogs!

8. Re-reading Jane Eyre.

9. Watching a "A Good Year" with Russell Crow in beautiful France.

10. Painting.

11. Writing: poetry and prose!

12. A really good cup of coffee and reading magazines!

I hope one of them works for you!

Oh, I must mention shoes again (which was my #1). When I feel down, I wear the snaziest pair of shoes!

It puts me in a happy mood and people focus on the I don't have to explain why I'm not myself that day (if I don't feel like it)!

Anonymous said...

I really like that quote.
It's so true that when pursuing truth there's a goodness and purity about you, but obtaining the information corrupts you somewhat and leaves you without purpose.
I can relate!

jana said...

Here's to happier lighter times.

humor, connecting with friends, music, fresh air, exercise, oh, yes, and indulgences help. smiles to you

oh, and I am always open to babies and puppies---brighter days typically ensue.

katrina and the king said...

pick me ups. go outside. is there anything beautiful? Take it in. I try to find something that would never be photographed and think it may be lonely then sometimes I go off to feature it with a camera thinking I made its day. lol