Love Letters

I knew my week was off to a good start when my doorbell rang on Monday and I heard those two magical words...

Delivery please!

If someone is ringing my doorbell, it means said delivery cannot fit in my letterbox, therefore it's even all the more exciting (even though my brain knows full well that the best things very often DO come in the small packages too!)

But still, I was excited, and the delivery was indeed worth getting excited about...but I'll tell you about that later in the week, because that's not the point of this post. The point is, getting mail is a lovely feeling, and I was reminded of this even moreso this evening. I crawled out of bed after feeling particularly under the weather all day, found my phone (which my cat had conveniently relocated under the bed) and opened my emails.

Just seeing the number of responses to Monday's post was enough to make me smile, but as I sat down a little later and read and replied to each comment, it was so enjoyable and fun and touching.

And then I realised why I hadn't felt like that in so long. I've been terrible in replying to comments and emails, I'm months behind in my blog reader, and I've been very, very slow to visit the many amazing blogs of people who are kind enough to leave comments, let alone leaving any comments of my own.

I'm not sure if it's cool to admit this or not, but I adore getting comments. I try not to worry when some posts remain commentless, but secretly (not so secretly now!) I wonder if I missed the mark, if perhaps I just don't have the knack anymore. So every time I hear the little ding on my phone that tells me I have mail, my heart speeds up just the tiniest bit. I read every comment as soon as it arrives, and it's a lovely feeling knowing that someone took time out of their day to say hello and share a little bit of themselves and their story. I truly appreciate every single comment, not to mention every single visitor.

So it's high time that I returned the favour. I'm going to catch up on blogs, emails, comments, the whole lot. Starting now....Okay, starting tomorrow. I'm still feeling a bit average and could do with a little more sleep. But tomorrow, it's happening!

After all, who doesn't love letters?

xx Kit

P.S. If you have a blog that you think I should add to my reading list, whether it be yours or someone else's, please let me know in the comments <3

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