Matryoshkas Made to Measure

Oh. My. Matryoshka. How flippin' adorable are these Russian nesting doll measuring cups from Fred? As if I wasn't having enough trouble keeping out of the kitchen (no really, I've been on a scone rampage and my waistline is living proof!)

You'd be crazy to hide these little guys away in a drawer somewhere (or 3 separate measuring cups don't seem to get along!) so I LOVE that an item that has always been notoriously functional is now utterly adorable too.

And and and...there's even measuring spoons too. You'd have to be a bit more creative in how to display these, but where there's a will, there's a way!

I'm told that perfect measurements and very precise timing are the secret behind making your very own macarons. Yes, I'm talking macarons. So far, I've eaten more than my fair share but I've never delved into the secret French Baking Underworld* of making these pretties myself.

[Soda inspecting my *coughBOUGHTcough* strawberry, passionfruit and lavender violet macarons]

This weekend, I think I just might. I've got my imaginary beret and I'm ready to roll bake. Scones will just have to wait...probably not long though, if my macaron adventure turns out just as disasterous as I expect. Anyway, wish me luck!

What Secret Weekend Adventures do you have planned?

*I like to think that everyone wears berets in the French Baking Underworld. And frou frou skirts and heels. And there's a secret membership handshake. It's like a cult, but cooler. And much, much tastier.