Online Shopping Adventures and Ordeals

DISCLAIMER: This started off as an "Oooh look what I bought" and turned into a bit of a rant. Apologies in advance for my whininess. You have been warned.

Earlier in the week I not-so-subtly alluded to the fact that I was expecting a delivery or three. So here's the confession; the recently stellar performance of the Australian dollar, the abundance of online sales, a suspiciously well-timed tax return, and a waistline that no longer comfortably fits into a large portion of my clothes, all combined into a dangerous Axis of Evil Online Shopping, and before you could say 'Half-Priced Bow Belt,' I'd restocked my wardrobe with a new set of basics (and a few cheap frills too!)

On Monday my Urban Outfitters order arrived, and on the whole I'm pretty impressed. My Lawn Button-Down Shirt (above, top left) is an instant favourite, and I foresee the Ruffle Vest (above, bottom left) getting plenty of wear too. From the two belts I ordered, the Horsebit Stretch Belt (below, top left) is definitely the most versatile.

There are, however, a few niggles. Firstly, the Drop Shoulder Dolman Cardigan (above, bottom right) is very, very oversized. Not chic, effortless oversized, I'm talking "Look at me, I have skinny arms but the torso of a donut-addicted rhinoceros!" kind of oversized. I'm fairly convinced that a smaller size would do little more than exacerbate the problem, so I'm hoping that I either miraculously lose 20kgs so I can somewhat resemble the unenthused model, or simply find an ingenious way to make a belt look good with a cardigan - suggestions appreciated!

Niggle #2. See that cute Skinny Stripe Raglan Tee above, top right? I love it too, but that's not quite what arrived. The cut seems just about right, but instead of narrow navy bands separated by thick white bands, the tee that turned up at my doorstep has narrow navy bands...and narrow white bands, all evenly spaced. The code on the packaging matches the site, but the stripes do not. I know it's petty, but I really had my heart set on the tee on the site so the different stripes kind of bug me...even though I know it will still look great with the ruffle vest.

On to Niggle #3. The bling-tastic Drop Earrings below are very chunky and rock chic, but they're also different lengths. Each chain and string of diamantes is as least one link/diamante shorter on one earring, and it's actually somewhat noticeable when you wear them...or perhaps I just have a sixth sense for symmetry, but when I held them up to my ears, I noticed instantly before I held them up against each other. Looks like it might be time to whip out the pliers and do a little DIY.

The bow belt and bag above are both from ASOS, as are the four items below, but I don't have much to say about those as I've yet to receive my order. I must confess, I'm a little cranky about this. I ordered during what was apparently a very busy sale period for the site, and it was over a week before my order was even processed, at which stage one of my items was no longer in stock. I was offered an apology, an estimated arrival date (3+ weeks later) and a 10% discount code.

I was fairly satisfied with this response at first, even though 10% (on full priced items only) won't even cover the cost of shipping to Australia unless I spend around $200 in one hit, and I won't be doing that any time soon. Well, not until that charming Nigerian prince finally transfers me my lottery winnings, that is. Anyway, moving on.

So then, upon stalking the Vogue Forums, I discovered that a number of people who had placed their order at the same time had actually had their shipping upgraded to express. When I very politely asked ASOS "HereToHelp" why others had received an upgrade and I was left with standard shipping, I was given the internet version of a shrug;

"We've already shipped your order."

So I came right out and said it. Yeah, I went there!

"I wouldn't mind that upgraded shipping for next time."

I even added a smiley face. A SMILEY FACE!

Funnily enough, no response. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

So at some stage next week when/if my order turns up, I'm going to need to be extremely impressed with everything if I'm going to be a repeat customer. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm a first time ASOS customer that set me apart from those who got upgraded shipping, so there'll be a certain dash of irony if I decide to send my delicious Australian dollars elsewhere on my next online shopping adventure. And there will be more online shopping adventures, oh yes there will.

Onwards and upwards.

As for completely unnecessarily cheap frills, my OPI additions most definitely top the list. I've never been big on nail polish because, up until this year, I've never managed to keep my nails long, but that's all about to change...and I sense a new obsession being born. I was down to the dregs of my very last bottle when this order arrived, so excitement was mixed with a tiny dose of relief.

[L-R: The More The Berrier, Hong Kong Sunrise, Cosu-Melted in the Sun, Tickle My France-y,
Mod-ern Girl, Need Sunglasses?, Ski Teal We Drop, Black Onyx, Brand New Skates]

I can't wait to try them all out, though after doing a little research on some dedicated nail blogs, I've come to the realisation that my nail polish application skills are so sub-par, they might just be too embarrassing to publish. Maybe. And just in case you were wondering, no, that lottery money didn't come through; these bottles are US$5.75 each from Transdesign, with $20 flat rate shipping for up to 9 bottles. Bar. Gain. No more paying $30 per bottle at the department store for me, thank you very much!

Annnnnnd lastly, this UO pillowcase set rates pretty highly on the Frill List too; lovely fabric, nice design and it matches my hand-painted canvas set...though hanging the canvases back above the bed would be a little overkill, don't you think? Or could it work? Perhaps it's time to try a little double-bird-on-a-wire action.

I may have also ordered a swimsuit from Victoria's Secret, but posting pictures (of either me or the VS model) is a little too depressing for all involved, so let's just pretend I never mentioned it. Okay? Good. Nothing to see here, move along.

So there you go. My online shopping adventures/ordeals to date. And possibly the most ridiculously long post I've ever written, so if you're still here, still reading and still semi-conscious, I salute you!

Let's go for short and sweet tomorrow, shall we? Deal? Deal.

xx Kit