Concrete and Glass

Well after another surprise trip interstate and way more wine than expected, I'm back and ready to roll in these last few crazy days leading up to Christmas.

And just when I thought my obsession with indoor plants couldn't get any more disturbing, along came Obleeek Objects. These lovely planters are designed by Leo Estevez and boast a customized concrete blend that is 40% lighter than standard concrete, not to mention a silky smooth finish.

These little guys are also right at home in the great outdoors as well, with a weather resistant sealant and versatile good looks to boot!

Each object has its own unique color and patina as a result of the natural variations in the blend of portland cement and volcanic ash, not to mention the refreshing fact that every item is hand poured.

The selling point for me however is the Concrete and Glass series that combines the smooth concrete finish with hand blown glass inserts. The soft pastels of the satin polish just beg to be kept out on display.

The very thought of an ultra modern birdbath has me rewriting my Christmas wish list as we speak. See more at Obleeek Objects and be sure to keep an eye on these newcomers in 2009!


subcontinental.giant said...

duuude. I was gonna write about these for 2modern tomorrow ! Get outta of my head ;)

Ms Unreliable said...

Haha sorry Anand, but you know what they, great minds and all :D

georgia b. said...

oh, goodness! these are beautiful!—especially the bowl with the bird! you know something is great design when it is beautiful as is—not even being used.

Geraldo Maia said...

From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes: