Happy Christmas Eve!

This time of year is pure chaos in my corner of the world, as it most probably is in yours too! So I won't bore you with all the details of the next few days (weeks!) of insanity here in KitWorld...needless to say it will involve family, friends, lots of food and way too much wine.

And me being me, I've only JUST finished decorating the house and wrapping the presents. The Christmas tree is minus a few candy canes (I had to get my energy from somewhere!), and my attempts at decorating are pretty laughable on the whole, but I'm content.

My little boat garland is finally complete, and is doing a fabulous job of making my horrendously large drawing board look somewhat festive.

Next year will definitely be different! I'll be even more organised, my attempts at decorating will be a little less pathetic, and I won't be pulling out my hair! I'll also be an aunty this time next year for the very first time, so I might have to put my sensible hat on at the family Christmas dinner (for a change!)

So before I sign out for a few days (or perhaps a few weeks, who knows?!), I want to share a few last minute festive finds that are still inspiring me on this hectic Christmas eve. First up is two gorgeous images from Absolutely Beautiful Things, the enviously stylish blog by my enviously stylish fellow Aussie, Anna.

I grew up with decorations like these fabulous unfolding bells, but I don't quite remember them looking so glam! I'm definitely keeping this great idea in mind for next year!

This image is largely responsible for sparking my obsession with making my presents a little more glamourous. Of course I wasn't organised enough to buy beautiful ribbons in time, so I've settled with sisal twine. Close enough!

And these delightful ideas are from the ingenious Sweet Paul. A great last minute gift or even a 'spare' in case your crazy uncle actually turns up, a gorgeous box of delicious macadamia nuts is bound to keep any guest happy!

Candy is also a great option for the sweet tooth in the family, and garlands of any kind will keep everyone happy.

And last but not least, Sweet Paul put together this tasty little wreath himself, with a few packets of candy and a reshaped wire coathanger. Genius!

On that note, I must depart and delve into the first of many holiday events! This time of year is quite unpredictable, so if I don't make it back before the new year, best wishes for a great holiday season to all who happen to come across my little blog...

[Coolest salt and pepper shaker ever]

...and big hugs to all who have made my first few months in Blogland so fun and inspiring! Thank you! <3


K.Line said...

Beautiful tree! Merry Xmas to you!

michelle said...

Merry Christmas :D

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

What a great blog. Glad I found it.