More Monday Madness

Shoes are not always just made for walking...

These fantastic photos make me curse the clear blue skies outside, because there a few other things in the world that are quite as satisfying as jumping around in puddles, especially with friends!

Then again, jumping on the couch is a pretty close second, right up there with jumping on beds.

This fantastico photography is the work of Henrik Halvarsson, and I can't help but be reminded of the formidable Guy Bourdin.

And although I have long since given up on walking in killer stillettos, I'm still more than happy to admire them from afar.

And one non-shoe related image, simply because it's sexy.

I would possibly harvest a kidney in return for a bright red vintage telephone. I could of course just buy one on eBay, but that's not quite as dramatic.

Meanwhile, 2 weeks off work for me and I STILL haven't finished my Christmas shopping. Ahhh. The stores are crazy, people are pushy, the sales assistants look like they haven't slept in 8 days...I love Christmas! How are your plans coming together? Are you all organised and ready to go, or are you still putting up decorations like me?! Eeeek.


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...
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CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Shoes: Better than men!

I've been looking for cute rain-boots and I love how those match any outfit perfectly

Georgia B. said...

oh, i love those green boots! these are fabulous shots!

well, i have not had much time to blog or read blogs the last few days, and i might not have much time the next few either.

but i wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and New Year! i hope Santa gives you everything you are hoping for. :)

see you around next weekend.

Linnéa said...

Girls need shoes!! Love all the pictures, so inspiring! <3<3

Susanna-Cole said...

Hey, just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy holiday season with this card I made for you, I can’t attach it, so here’s the link:


Shini said...

love your blog, always such clean and well thoughts posts!! love the two first shots! Have a happy holiday!