The Art of Guy

Taking some inspiration from the lovely Ms. Spinach over at fashion is spinach dot com, I started pondering some of the beautiful photography and incredible art direction that emerges from the whimsical world of couture.

It's near impossible to have a conversation about fashion photography without a mention of Guy Bourdin, a pioneer (some say the pioneer) of modern fashion photography. His work is stark, challenging, and strangely alluring in its simplicity.

The man had style. Ever since I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the first retrospective of his work at the V&A in London many years ago, and I've never looked at fashion photography the same again.


Leigh said...

I am seriously obsessed with his work, Such great inspiration.

Ms Unreliable said...

He was a genius, no doubt about it. I have a few more favourite photos of his that I'll hopefully get around to digging out and sharing this weekend. Watch this space!