Serious Eye Candy

I am by no means a foodista - I'd forget to eat if I didn't have lovely people around to gently remind me. But some 'food' is just so much more. In fact, the creations below looks so divine that actually eating them is purely optional. That's my kind of food!

Today's first helping of eye candy is brought to us by the lovely Amy Atlas, event planner and cupcake creator extraordinaire! I first came across this delicious little lady over at Simply Lovely, and have become even more obsessed with cupcakes ever since.

And just to complete the tasty cupcake overload, these little cupcakes of joy are the work of Kylie Lambert, as featured over at Style Me Pretty.

And on that note, I'm off to seek some local cupcake delights.

Happy weekend all!


Dominica said...

the yellow cupcakes look fab !! yummie !!

Anonymous said...

I love the styling on the yellow and pink pictures. I'm afraid I'm a cupcake fan that ought to be in rehab for it hehe