Interlude - And Now For Some Real Photos

I need a break from all my terrible camera phone photos. I didn't think it was even possible for my travels look less glamourous than they actually were.

But there's not much that could possibly compare with the work of Carlos Serrao, regardless of the camera.

Holy McLovely. I've never felt so compelled to go stand out in the rain. With a suitcase.

Found via Fubiz™


esme and the laneway said...

Really cool wallpaper... I lvoe the calendar one, but my favourite is the birds! Very much my cup of tea :)

Ms Unreliable said...

It's so stunning isn't it? My partner had a little rant the other day about how stupid wallpaper is and how he's never living in a house with wallpaper...and then I showed him the Trove line and he changed his mind.