Interlude - Road Trip Archives

While I'm in road trip mode, I'm momentarily reminiscing on a trip I took a few years ago up the east coast of Australia. I've been prompted to return to this trip by Ez over at Creature Comforts, who asked her readers their favourite day of the year and why it's special to them.

My favourite day is January 4. It's the anniversary of the day I came across the most important question I had ever been asked.

Purely by chance, in a tiny town on the northern New South Wales coast, I stumbled upon a crossroad that I didn't even know I had to have. I truly wish whoever wrote that could know that they changed my life.

So now I have 3 questions for you:

1. What day do you look forward to circling on the calendar, and why?
2. Have you had any groundbreaking epiphanies or monumental lightbulb moments?
3. Are you where you want to be?


karey m. said...

this. is. beyond. thought-provoking.

i need to think. and rest assured i will think about this for days.

wow. and thank you.

Ashleigh Rose said...

Wow, you just went to Nelson... I live in Blenheim, did you pass through?

Yeah my cat is enormous. He's really heavy. And grumpy.

K.Line said...

Terrific questions.

I like circling any day I get to start my holidays.

I have had epiphany moments. One happened the first time I ever did yoga. I had a transcendent experience that kept me doing it for many years before I felt that feeling again. And I've been practicing now for almost 20 years. But I've had others that are rather too personal to discuss in comments :-)

Am I where I want to be? I'm getting there. I'm much closer than I was even a couple of years ago. But on every level I'm a work in progress.

Ms Unreliable said...

karey - pretty heavy stuff hey!

ashleigh rose - I'm not sure I even know where Nelson or Blenheim are, but it's possible I've passed through! This photo was taken in Lennox Head, so perhaps this mysterious roadside wisdom person does a bit of travelling too!

k.line - I agree, holidays are definitely worth a big red circle! With stars. And smiley faces.

I'm a big fan of yoga too, although I don't have the discipline to do it every day. We actually had some classes in our senior year of high school for meditation where we learnt some basic yoga poses - so much fun, but not great in a school uniform!

Amen to being a work in progress - and certainly a lot can change in the space of a couple of years!