Styling Up

When I was writing about the beautiful Paola Lenti outdoor settings, I started daydreaming about the kind of printed silk dresses I would float around in if I were fortunate enough to live anywhere even remotely as tropical as the setting below.

But on second thoughts, silk seems a little too formal for such a casual, laidback atmosphere, so I just had to pinpoint the ideal wardrobe for such an idllyic setting. Sure enough, Ralph Lauren came up with the goods.

A silk blouse and high waisted white pants are casual, I hear you say? Well no, but I'd like to picture myself nibbling on a croissant and sipping a delicious coffee before heading off to a meeting. Some of us must work for a living after all.

But clearly, one must also have an incredible figure to pull of high waisted pants of any description, so for now I'm safe from breaking my boycott of anything white-pants related.

Floaty white dresses with cute belts and adorable hats? That I can do.

Now where's my mojito?