Origami Obsession

Oh dear. I knew this week was going to be hectic, and here I was thinking I'd scheduled a few posts ahead of time, just in case. All very well and good if you remember to actually publish your posts instead of just saving them as draft. Oops.

To make up for my absence, I'm sharing one of my favourite finds in quite some time. It doesn't take much to get me excited, but it DOES take a fair bit to get me to grab Mr. Unreliable, drag him to my computer screen and point excitedly screeching "Look at that! Let's do that! We can do that!!!!" As usual, he didn't really share my unbridled enthusiasm, so maybe you will.

Origami boats. And twine. On a garland. With little stars.

I'm probably so excited about this gorgeous idea that it's bordering on unhealthy. Obsession even. I mentioned in one of my ill-fated non-published posts that I thought the best Christmas decorations could in fact be left up all year round. And here they are.

I found these on ma petite boutique, and I'm in love.

If only I found these before last week, I would have ordered a ton and had them up all over the place by December 1st. Or the first week of December at least. If my origami skills suddenly kick in, I might just make my own.

Then again, maybe next year.