Finders Keepers Brisbane

Strange times are upon us. Remember how I mentioned on Friday that I planned to do some op-shopping, then head to Finders Keepers? 

I did both!

Outrageous. This is probably the first time in the history of this blog that I've actually NOT lived up to my name!

Saturday was spent driving all over the proverbial countryside in search for all things tea-related. Our efforts were a little hit and miss, with most places having limited yet very expensive selections, but we did stumble upon the occasional gem. We've still got a few weeks to stock up on supplies though, so Brisbane op-shopping recommendations are still more than welcome!

Sunday was another beautiful day, so while my friends headed down the coast for some beach loving, I bee-lined for my first Brisbane Finders Keepers markets.

[The Old Museum]

[Spokey dokes and strawberry ice smoothies at The Smoothie Cycle]

 [Bunting, cupcake tents, macarons and coffee - heaven!]

[Gorgeous day, great live music]

I thought it would be pretty tough to compete with the Sydney setup at Carriageworks, but Brisbane exceeded all expectations...and then some. The Old Museum is a beautiful venue inside and, more importantly, out. The use of the verandah for stalls and the grassed garden areas for food and live music was fantastic, especially on a weekend as gorgeous as the one Brisbane just enjoyed. Both inside and out, the vibe was relaxed and laid-back - a pleasant change of pace from the usual chaos of the Sydney markets (although stallholders might prefer the latter!)

Speaking of stallholders, the venue wouldn't mean much if it weren't for the hard-working folk and their wish-list-worthy wares! I was lucky enough to meet some very familiar faces, like Liss from Daydream Lily, Jess of *bespoke* zine and Epheriell Designs (and her lovely husband who was enjoying the heat as much as I was!) and Angela and Renee of Leeloo.

I am notoriously shy (I'm practicing for my inevitable future as a crazy cat lady) so I'd really like to offer a heartfelt thanks to all the ladies (and gent) for being so welcoming. It's been a pretty tough year - so tough that even something as simple as heading to the markets and introducing myself was...embarassingly daunting.

So again, thank you all.

xx Kit