Take Me to the Carnevale!

Happy Monday! Welcome to a new week, and a new little series from yours truly. I'm basically just indulging myself in the hope that you might be interested too, and maybe even a little inspired if things go well. I even made a teeny little graphic, how can you resist?!

And so begins my list of...

#1 Attend the Venice Carnevale

Especially the official opening of the Carnevale, the Flight of the Angel. This tradition takes place in the Piazza San Marco and dates back to the 1500s. See that little person up there? That must be the angel!

Oh wait, it's Coolio. Yeah, the Gangsta's Paradise Coolio. Weird choice, amazing photo.

I must admit, I have been in Venice during the leadup to the Carnevale, and the masks in almost every shop window scared the bejiminies out of me. I had nightmares. Seriously.

But tough luck. When I tick off #1 on my list of Things to do Before I Die, I'm going all out. I'm frocking up, getting a killer mask and going to a masquerade ball. If I happen to find the right people (and bribe them substantially), I'll be attending the exclusive Grand Cavalchina Ball in the La Fenice Opera House. No half measures for this girl!

If my attempts at bribery fail, I can always work a little on my belly dancing moves. If memory serves correctly, I was disturbingly good at belly dancing when I took a class many years ago. And if I keep up my pastry addiction, I'll be in perfect shape in no time!

Then I shall search the streets of Venice for this man, just so I can tell him that he is très gorgeous, but smoking is très bad. First stop will be Caffè Florian on the Piazza San Marco, where only those with the finest costumes are admitted. The real Casanova used to frequent this joint, so I must be prepared to be swept off my feet. (Let's hope Mr. Unreliable isn't reading this!)

And then I shall sail off into the sunset with my adorable masked man...in a gondola of course.

Sigh. I love Venice! Has anyone been to the Carnevale? Does anyone know who I can bribe? And more importantly, what's on your list of things you want to do before you die?
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[Image Credit via Sugar Pie Express]


N I C O L A said...

That's on the list - see you there!
Trek Macchu Picchu;
Run a marathon;
Write a novel;
Take my mum to India; is on there too

Ms Unreliable said...

Concrete Honey - Oooh good list, the marathon could be the training for the high altitude trekking! I once tried to run at a high altitude...I made it about 100m before I was out of breath. And that was when I was fit! :O