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I've been trying to edit this post on and off for the last two three days, but as I was finally wandering back to my computer to finish it off once and for all, the news broke that Haiti had been hit by yet another earthquake (is 6.0 really an aftershock?!) There really is no better time than now to help a truly devastated nation. Even in the face of catastrophe, I still believe that every little bit counts. We might be worlds apart from those in need, but we can still make a difference.

I won't try to be eloquent, passionate or poignant. I'll simply ask that if you haven't yet donated, you consider sending a few dollars in Haiti's direction. Etsy is abuzz with lovely craftsters who have donated their time, skills and materials, and more importantly, their proceeds, to the variety of charities that can help Haiti rebuild.

[Haiti Relief Notecards by The Paper Couturière]

Autumn from The Paper Couturière is one of many kind crafty types pitching in, and she'll be donating 100% of the proceeds from her specially designed range of Haiti Relief notecards. If you'd like to help her reach her goal of $500 (which will all be donated to the International Red Cross), you can purchase the notecards from The Paper Couturière site or via Etsy.

Two organisations that are especially close to my heart, and are SO vital for the future of Haiti, are Architecture for Humanity and RedR. It might be stating the obvious, but rebuilding is going to be a long, extensive and crucial process that needs to be safe, efficient, affordable...and as fast as possible too.

One of the first steps in rebuilding (both literally and figuratively) is for structural engineers to assess the few buildings that remain and advise whether they're safe for further occupation. With an estimated 2-3 million people without shelter, it's critical to utilise the existing infrastructure for healthcare and shelter wherever possible.

Organisations like Architecture for Humanity will be working towards constructing temporary (but SAFE!) emergency relief shelters, healthcare facilities etc. for the short term, whilst also looking ahead and planning the best ways to provide buildings that are safe, efficient and affordable. Haiti's climate and natural vulnerabilities alone provide very specific challenges, but with the difficulties borne of such a massive natural disaster (including new demographics, with projections of over 1 million orphans) - it's imperative that the rebuilding process does not speed ahead at the expense of safety, quality or equity of all Haitians.

Both organisations will also play pivotal roles in ensuring that the largely unregulated building industry is monitored, upheld and improved upon, plus providing the knowledge and training to those who assist in the rebuilding process, both volunteers and locals alike. Again, if you have even a little to spare, please consider donating below.

Donate to Architecture for Humanity

Donate to RedR


Adding two more worthy causes into the mix!

Hearts for Haiti Etsy Collective - 100% of proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

Emergency Architects - In a similar vein to Architecture for Humanity, Emergency Architects specialise in disaster relief and ongoing reconstruction. If you've already donated, please remember the people of Haiti in a few months, or even in a year or two, and consider donating to an organisation like EA to ensure the future is safe and secure for all.


Morphologica said...

I've bought a couple of sweet things from the HeartsforHaiti etsy store- will have to check out the cards :)

Autumn Du Pré said...

Thank you so much for the post and for mentioning my Help for Haiti notecards! It means so much to me that the Twitterverse has really been stepping up lately to offer such enormous amounts of support; encouragement, and love.

I'm so blessed and honoured that those who have the gift of the written word, like you, {sadly, I'm not one of them}, are using your voices to support such wonderful causes, and even little itty bitty Etsy fundraisers like mine. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again-

~L~ said...

These photos are all so beautiful.

Ms Unreliable said...

Morphologica said - Thank you for reminding me, I'll edit the post and add a link to that store too!

My pleasure Autumn, I'm glad to spread the word to anyone who can handle my crazy writing :D

~L~ - Thank you kindly :)