Neon Ballroom

Oh to have a double-height space to accommodate this oversized neon chandelier! More pictures and information over at my post on 2Modern - go say hello! (You're also more than welcome to say hello here, of course!)


S and O said...

*Hello* :)

just found your's pretty ^_^

ooh I wish I had space for a chandelier too...It's been a childhood dream of mine to get one that looks something like the large chandelier from phantom of the


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Very strange but in a cool way.

Ms Unreliable said...

Thank you kindly S and O! I just looked up the Phantom of the Opera chandelier, and WOW! I can only dream of having a space that would do justice to such a gorgeous beast :D

Rachel Elizabeth - I agree, it's a strange blend of old and new. I have to admit though, I've always had a secret love for neon lights, so this is right up my alley :D