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Hello, remember me? I'm the really slack blogger that talks about being all refreshed and reinvigorated, then falls silent for a week or two. 2010 off to a great start already!

So I'm a little slow off the mark, but I am actually (finally) feeling a little inspired, so thank you for sticking with me and stopping by! I'm slowly working my way up from my beloved 140 characters to my inbox and my reader,

Today (and all last week) I've been wanting to share some truly captivating images with you, but I'm obviously not the only one enamoured because the site has since earned itself a 'Bandwidth Exceeded' page - a true sign of success!

So instead I'm going to share the video with you, which I urge you to watch all the way through, and in full screen HD if possible too! It features stunning buildings (many of which you might be familiar with if you're an archi-geek like me), gorgeous cinematography, and some amazing CGI.


Did you watch it yet?

How about now?

Seriously, if you haven't watched it and you're still reading, scroll back up and hit play.

Ok, you can come back now.

Watched it?

Remember when I said amazing CGI?

The whole film is computer generated.

Not just the droplets, not just the exploding books (how amazing is that library, by the way?! It's Tadao Ando's Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum - swoon!)

Every single last frame.

Yes. Consider me inspired.

EDIT: If you didn't watch the film, here are some stills to entice you to do so. Seriously, watch it!